Watershed moment???

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  • whathappened
    My daughter lives I St Louis, MO, USA. She had not heard about this, I told her everything of course. She didn't have much of a reaction but believed me.
  • joe134cd
    I live in a country situated very close to Australia and also has strong connections to it. As far as the RC goes there is absolutely nothing about it in the media and the R&F would have even less of an idea. If it dosnt cause people to walk it's at least going to make it harder for Wt to spin things.
  • jwfacts
    It will be like the UN situation. Only some JWs will ever hear of it. Of those, most will dismiss it as lies, imperfection, the light gets brighter. And some will wake up. No watershed moment, but a step in the right direction for some.
  • steve2

    I am in New Zealand, virtually next door to Australia. There's been nothing that I am aware of in the media.

    In today's Sunday-Star Times, a major nation wide newspaper, there is a full page on sex abuse scandals in the Roman Catholic Church that have rocked that church in New Zealand and Australia. The article mentions in some depth the current Royal Commission of Inquiry into the Roman Catholic church's policies and practices regarding child sexual abuse by church leaders, priests in particular. The article mentions that other religious groups are also appearing before the Commission and cites the Salvation Army and Hare Khrisna's.

    Not one word about Jehovah's Witnesses.

  • defender of truth
    defender of truth

    It is the beginning of something big. The world is gaining awareness.. It will be a slow process no doubt.

    Speaking of watershed moments...

    I wonder if the Independent Inquiry into child sexual abuse could one day lead to Watchtower representatives being called to a public hearing, in the UK?


  • goingthruthemotions

    NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish it would. but, brainwashed people like my wife will turn a blind eye and claim it's persecution in the name of there GOD the GB.

    I hate this cult


    A mutual friend [to me and the Forum] managed to get a major news channel here to run with the story and it certainly got picked up by a Heavily-In relative ...so maybe we should all "get it out there" to the extent possible.

    I have mailed a string of JW's with Quotes and Links - Zippo responses thus far but they have received the info.

    I also reminded those e-mailed that they always go on about "Leave it in Jehovah's hand he will sort it out" - Well just maybe this is one such a sort-it-out moment in time eh !

  • smiddy

    I`m not so much concerned whether Jehovah`s Witnesses see or believe it or not , as an elder stated , he does not read the news in newspapers or watch the news on T.V. when asked if he was following the case , or if he even knew what the purpose of the R.C. was .He didn`t know.

    How can you reason with such people.

    I`m happy that what exposure is given by the various media outlets, notifies the general public of the damning effects of this religion on people who join , and maybe many who may have been curious before, will now have nothing to do with them .

    I have seen articles in the USA, Canada , UK , and Ghana Africa ,about this inquiry , and certainly Australia has had a fair share in different media outlets airing this case.

    We can also do our bit by sharing these various videos , articles from newspapers ,etc.as we have opportunity .It`s up to us to spread the word far and wide where possible.

    Most of these news stories have an option of sharing it either by FB,Twitter , e-mails ,Blogs or whatever , it`s up to us to take advantage and do so .

    That way we can witness against the witnesses and their inadequate policy`s and deceptions and help the victims .


  • fahrvegnugen
    Is it a watershed moment for JWs? No. Not any more than the arguably worse abuse in the Catholic Church has been a watershed moment for that religion. It is, however, a small part of a larger watershed moment--religion is losing credibility among the masses...slowly...gradually...generationally. Clergy have gone from being held in the highest regard to being viewed with suspicion. The day will come when religion will be viewed as a curious relic of the past. Unfortunately I won't be around long enough to see it.
  • done4good

    Short term - Not much.

    Long term - You bet.


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