Watershed moment???

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  • millie210


    Just to add that on JWTalk the top three most read threads the non public forum where some discussion about abuse has taken place is as follows:
    Abc news nightline report 3/12/2015 13 Mar 2015 174 replies 4,721 views (now locked)
    child abuse cases 19 Jun 2015 134 replies 3,775 views
    Did leaders of Jehovah’s Witnesses cover up child sex abuse? 17 Feb 2015 136 replies 3,732 views (now locked)
    The second thread has stuff about the RC investigation. Interestingly enough no one has posted since a post about the expert witness being ripped into and her testimony essentially refused by the Commission.

    I have checked over there also and thought it was interesting that they have grown so silent on the subject.

    It seemed at first they were expecting it to be handled well by the elders. Then they haltingly admitted it wasnt handled well. Finally the expert did damage to the JW case.

    Now silence.

    Threaded through were several people recalling their own abuse which made it harder to be sarcastic about the topic itself if anyone had been so inclined.

  • stuckinarut2

    The average witness knows nothing about the RC or the content and findings.

    They are too distracted and busy with JW activity to take note. Those that do, will brush it off as "propaganda from satan"

  • sparrowdown
    I'd say, in true JW fashion, they are being instructed not to discuss it.
  • sparrowdown
    Stuck- I reiterate: bro/sis average are kept in the dark and enjoy a cuisine of the finest bullshit the GB has to offer!
  • Vidiot

    what happened - "My daughter lives I St Louis, MO, USA. She had not heard about this, I told her everything of course. She didn't have much of a reaction but believed me."


    Maybe she's seen a thing or two.

  • poopie
    Are you kidding this is awesome nothing carefully concealed
  • StrongHaiku
    I think one benefit, at least, is that future lawyers in civil lawsuits can use the deposition to identify possible weaknesses in the JW case and improve their own arguments. If I was an attorney working on a civil lawsuit on behalf of a JW who has been sexually abused, I would be taking furious notes and really paying attention. The RC has all but laid out the template and playbook for those who will choose to take the Organization to court in the future.
  • hoser

    The judge should get a G on reasoning from the scriptures. He asked Ron where it was in the bible about 2 or 3 witnesses. He said Deuteronomy. The judge then said that Deuteronomy also says that adulterers and murderers should be executed. He asked Ron. Do you execute adulterers?


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