[Day 7 - 5/8]The Royal Commissions investigation of child sexual abuse within Jehovah’s Witnesses. + VIDEO

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  • C0ntr013r

    Part 3 uploaded, it will take a little while before 1080p becomes available as YouTube processes the video. This one is GOLD people, make sure to watch! :)


    Last part of day 7.

  • Heaven
    So right off on Day 7, Stewart is establishing that the WT lawyer in the Day 6 testimony lied by saying Geoffrey Jackson would not be of any help in these proceedings by getting Toole to agree the GB do set policy globally.
  • LoveUniHateExams

    Once again, thank you for going to the trouble of putting the latest videos up, C0ntr013r.

    Much appreciated.

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse
    I have also started a separate thread but video 3 here from 1:47:00 is dynamite. Terrance O'Brien is called out for lying about Geoffrey Jackson's role on the governing body.
  • Heaven
    Yes! I am so glad McClellan requested Jackson to appear 'sometime next week'. These WT lawyers so tried to protect Jackson and it didn't work. Good!
  • Dagney

    Thank you again for posting these. Just riveting. I have to tear myself away from listening to go to work.

    Amazing stuff.

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    Praise to the Lord for forcing TTATT out of O'Brien. This WT Australian Branch overseer has been caught with his pants down! And next week expect to see WT GB Geoffrey Jackson's draws drop to the ground as well!

    Thank you ContrO13r for all your labor through out these proceedings.

  • OrphanCrow

    Thank you for posting these videos, Control. I finally succumbed to exhaustion during the last session and I was happy to be able to watch the parts I missed when I woke up. I admire the stamina of all those who are working for the Royal Commission. Stewart looks fresh as a daisy!

    This is turning out to be quite the marathon. I can't wait for Jackson to have to give testimony. Ha! The truth shall be heard.

  • Heaven

    While I am hopeful I do remain skeptical that Jackson will actually appear. These guys are Teflon Men... slippery-er than a snake.

    I think it is reasonable to assume that Jackson will have some reason other than 'Dad's not well' for not showing or he'll high tail it outta Dodge.

  • Dagney
    And again, WT Corporate hanging people out to dry for its rules and regulations by not showing up to defend them...the people or the rules.

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