A question the Chair (Mclellan) may want to ask G. Jackson

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  • OnTheWayOut
    This RC seems pretty well focused. I bet they stick with determining how the Governing Body has influence over past and present policy.
  • JustVisting
    Ask Brother Jackson, according to the "Revelation-It's Grand Climax at Hand" book, how specifically do resurrected annointed Christians communicate "vital truths" to the remnant today? Has Jackson received one of these messages? And if so, how does the message relate to policy formation for the WT?
  • Diogenesister
    Secretslaveclass The heavenly one where it is sexless and all serve equally.

    I forgot yes of course they are "not women"in heaven are they?

    How about asking why the 144,000 is a literal no. but the bit about being virgin men is just symbolic

    Of course we know women were included in the 144,000 because the bible students were a bit short on numbers initially and had to include everyone, stroking their ego's enough to get them to go peddle the literature

    I realize this is unproven but the word is that Russell's wife, who had major imput into the 'Bible Students'as an editor and board member, left Russell due to infidelity, specifically paedophilia.

  • barry
    onthewayout I agree with you the RC has touched on theology but have focused on the problem areas in the JW church. I don't think His worship, will be to interested in talking about the 144000 or in other theology.
  • StrongHaiku

    "Mr. Jackson, in light of the clear indication by your own publications that JWs are to follow the instructions of the FDS without question ("Listen, Obey, be Blessed"), and in light of the fact that you were aware of the critical/serious nature of these hearings, and in view of the Bible principles/admonitions (e.g. 1 Peter 3:15) to be "ready to provide a defense for your faith", and considering other Bible principles/admonitions to care for the "orphan and widows", and in light of the fact that JWs are taught to make personal sacrifices (including death) to live up to these principles...Can I ask you one thing?

    Why did it take a subpoena/request to make you show up?"

  • sir82

    I still think a question about Satan being in control of all earthly governments would be fun.

    "Mr. Jackson, You are head of the Writing committee. Your own literature states that all governments are ultimately under the control of Satan. So, do you believe that this commission is doing Satan's bidding?"

  • Vidiot
    I hope the Commission is able to ask the kind of questions that were put to Covington and Fred Franz during the Walsh Trial.
  • umbertoecho
    I'll email it for you. If anyone has a good question, one that is virtually impossible to avoid answering due to their own literature. PM the questions and I'll copy and send. No problems with that. The questions and information that have been sent in by people have not been ignored. The commission took some good information leads and came to understand the GBs power, the Theo ...Warfare.....
  • umbertoecho

    The thing is. This Commission isn't really about actual beliefs.........that is, unless those beliefs hurt children and suppress the women.

    Questions like that are quite the focus of this commission. I wish they had a stronger look at the financials too.

    As of now, so many people are saying he just won't turn up on this and other forums. I wonder, why do so many feel this way?

    Imagine how the abused ones feel at the thought of not getting the disclosure of all the societies rotten actions brought out into the light of day?

    Perhaps I am naive in hoping this testimony/question time will happen and that some revelations are made apparent to all who are able to take actions.

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