AUSTRALIA - All large JW Regional Conventions cancelled for 2015

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  • jwleaks
    From local contacts:

    "What is interesting for the Regional Convention in Melbourne, for all the JW's in the State of Victoria, is that 95% of them now have further to travel than ever before. They now have toll roads to travel on, more fuel to consume, and no more public transport to the entrance of the convention."

    "For many dubs, such as those who attended the Bendigo convention, the distance will require the need for overnight accommodation. This is a first."
  • SnakesInTheTower

    One thing I always looked forward to was meeting and socializing with a wider variety of fellow witnesses at the DCs. IF this becomes a trend, then it will mean an ever shrinking pool for single people to choose JW marriage mates from. And since we were always encouraged to attend ones ASSIGNED convention, what do we think will happen to the last stragglers of younger witnesses left? Yep, they will find SOMEONE, just not a fellow dub.

    Good, let the young ones leave in droves. Fu#k WT.


  • BluesBrother

    "About the money?"

    What happened to "equalizing our surplus" or whatever the exact quote was?

    Is there a WB&TS of Aus. that is going to take financial hit when the damages claims come in?

  • Oubliette

    What an interesting irony:

    RC = Regional Convention, but also

    RC = Royal Commission!

  • done4good

    Yes, I believe they are doing this here in NJ/NY area with the Stanley Theater, (at least I believe it did happen two years ago), Maybe someone from the area who currently still attends or better in the know than me could confirm. I think this is just coincidence with respect to the RC.

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