They know the RC is going to be an issue: August Broadcast talk with Tony

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  • Vidiot

    "...your fathers and husbands will be going to jail..."

    " let us look after you and your kids. We'll take gooooooood care of 'em."

  • Vidiot

    umbertoecho - "Here in Australia I have been told this is a part of the prelude to the tribulation that is coming."

    Possible responses:

    - "where is the cry of 'Peace and Security'?"

    - "isn't 'Babylon the Great' supposed to be attacked first?"

    - "Australia is the 'King of the North'?"

  • Calebs Airplane
    Calebs Airplane
    With that backdrop, if you squint a little, Tony "The Turd" actually looks like a big grey turd. But seriously, couldn't they pick someone like Mark Sanderson to deliver this damage control message? It's almost as if they WANT to lose credibility by letting Tony Tight Pants do it...
  • Vidiot

    StarTrekAngel - "The other ironic thing I noticed, almost like a sign from God ( a bad sign for them) is that Australia was passing right in along in the background map as they changed the camera aim to Tony for the closing remarks."

    In the movie industry, they'd call that "foreshadowing".

  • Introvert 2
    Introvert 2
    Funny how he mentions that no matter what they do people will always point things out. Well sorry pal but that's what you get for broaching the human hot dogs / lotta dead bodies talk. That was plain over the top, hope they learnt from that.
  • ToesUp

    "Funny how he mentions that no matter what they do people will always point things out."

    It's funny how that abuse people and people always point it out. Hmm!

    Hey Tony...people are pissed. You opened your BIG MOUTH during the Zone meeting (and you continue to run your mouth). The GB is getting exactly what they deserve.

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