They know the RC is going to be an issue: August Broadcast talk with Tony

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  • millie210

    Did he state that "your fathers and husbands will be going to jail" or is that a subjective statement by the OP?

    Im confused.

  • leavingonthenextplane
    Subjective statement in that he didn't say brothers and fathers but he said that people may go to jail.
  • JWdaughter

    Is he insinuating that all brothers are abusers or guilty of covering it up?

    Not much in the way of actual persecution is going on, so it tells me there may be a legal reason right now why many will go to jail. What's really going on in all those elder meetings?

  • millie210

    Thank you Leavingonthenextplane!

    Im a little slow on the uptake : )

  • Heaven
    The GB knows people are going to leave over this.
  • umbertoecho

    Here in Australia I have been told this is a part of the prelude to the tribulation that is coming. What I find incredibly stupid is that they have all forgotten about the UN for now.

    How's that for delusional?


    Someone should send that broadcast to the RC.


  • clarity

    Did you notice Tony has finally perfected that TV evangelist wiggley voice & in an all out effort pulled out the Jesus card! Ahh Tony ....what ever works eh?

    Mene mene teckle parsin .....God has numbered the days of your reign ...

  • zeb
    "your fathers and husbands " etc and what about sisters/wives who know about the abuse and do nothing?
  • wallsofjericho

    As damming as this issue will be directly, I think an even bigger problem for the WTS is just the light shining on them in the global media arena.

    JWs will see this as persecution, but the WTS has always said the wild beast would turn on Babylon the great first and then they would all notice the JWs over there still preaching and then come after them.

    this shouldn't be represented as a trigger to the GT since it doesn't fit the chronology of old.

    HOWEVER this recent Assyrian attack teaching and coalition of nations has been situated perfectly by the WTS to lend scriptural legitimacy to this "persecution"

    how ironic they have sunk so low that the true organization is not attacked for their faith but rather for their neglectful policies on child abuse


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