They know the RC is going to be an issue: August Broadcast talk with Tony

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  • punkofnice
    Those paedophile lovers know what they are doing. Surely it's obvious to them that they're not looking after god's belongings, rather, they are protecting a secular corporate scam that has nothing to do with god....just uses god to get power, a cushy lifestyle for the leaders and money to look after their like minded child abusers.
  • tiki
    So..they get outed on allowing a despicable ipractice within their hallowed walls and twist it into persecutions!?!!???? That is angrifing. And downright unethical immoral and uncaring.
  • punkofnice

    tiki - made my day with 'angrifying'

    It's not a religion, it's a corporate scam pretending to be a religion. The truth is they DON'T care until it hits their wallets.

  • SoCal101
    Goofing on your dopey ass cult and throwing your asses in jail for protecting pedophiles is NOT persecution! What the Christians and moderate Muslims are suffering at the hand of Isis, now that is persecution! Damn ass speech from someone wearing a Rolex..
  • Heaven

    DD, I agree. I think the Royal Commission should also see the video where children are urged to give the Borg their ice cream money, the video from the convention of those 2 parents talking about shunning their children, as well as the July vid from Tony.

    Can someone get this new video up somewhere's else so I/we don't create traffic to jw.borg? Thanks!

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse
    Ah for the good old days when they were defending their freedom against totalitarian regimes. Buggering children and covering it up is a whole lot less defensible. Good luck with that Watchtower.
  • done4good

    No sane person is going to see this as "persecution". If they pull that card publicly, they will be shamed big time for it.

    I agree with DD and Heaven that links to these videos should be sent to the RC for review.


  • Driving Force
    Driving Force

    Interesting in this talk was that he referred to a JW child dying because of the blood issue as an isolated case and the press blowing it out of proportion (which is no doubt true, but justified). Now that sets the theme for mind manipulation. Any pedophile action by a JW, will now be in the mid of a JW as an isolated case, and being blown out of proportion by the press, and this as we all know is very far from the truth. So any form of action by any authority concerning any pedophile action will now be consider by the R&F as something being blown out of proportion, thus persecution.

    Well at least that (I believe) is what the GB want to achieve, unfortunately many JWs will fall for this. Mind manipulation in action.

  • WTWizard

    I can only hope this damn religion gets banned, and the ban enforced, before they can sue me back into the cancer. I would like the pretext to countersue them for everything they got, and then some, for using the lack of the opposite sex in my life as bait to get me bound into such a horrible religion. Persecution--or prosecution? When you run a scam and use legal technicalities to get me legally bound to forever serve that filthy religion and its god joke-hova, they have to go.

    Not to mention, children paying for their own damnation. While relatively few get sexually molested, all of them get spiritually molested. Every single one of them. And they have to give up every last drop of fun (such as the ice cream cones) to pay for their own damnation. Then they have the nerve to blame Satan for what they themselves did?

  • StarTrekAngel

    I think Tony was using double language when he spoke of child medical care. If I was to openly interpret his direction, and in context with the history of the matter, I would understand and translate the following for you...

    "You bloody idiots!!! Stop causing us grief by so blindly following this old teaching that we can not change!!! Don't you see that we can not help you there without risking our precious money in litigation???. Go take care of your children, Exercise your right to medical privacy and don't tell anyone of what you did!!!"

    The other ironic thing I noticed, almost like a sign from God ( a bad sign for them) is that Australia was passing right in along in the background map as they changed the camera aim to Tony for the closing remarks.

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