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  • smiddy

    What a coward Jackson , who is here in Australia is , to give such a lame excuse for not even giving a video response from Queensland where he is staying , to give to to the Royal Commission as a Governing Body member of Jehovah`s Witnesses , to give his testimony .

    Does not this show a complete disrespect for the Royal Commission ? and a contempt for an Australian inquiry into how institutions such as Jehovah`s Witnesses deal with allegations .?

    Obviously he does not believe the Holy Spirit will give you the wisdom to answer your accusers .

    Which brings to mind the previous elders who were on the stand and had embarrassing moments of silence while they were waiting for the Holy Spirit to put the words in their mouth , and nothing was forthcoming .


  • wozza

    As to the question that JWs can be members of the police force ,yes ,at one time a brother I knew ,south of Adelaide South Australia was for years an officer, and when I challenged him on this when I first became JW he was annoyed and when I pushed the point that he is issued with a gun he said he would keep it in the glove box of the patrol car ,when further pressed as whether he would use it if his partner was threatened he would not answer me.

    The Elders knew of his job. He later resigned after about 20 years of service to be a guard of the court.

  • kairos
    Obviously he does not believe the Holy Spirit will give you the wisdom to answer your accusers .

    Matt10:19, 20

    19 However, when they deliver YOU up, do not become anxious about how or what YOU are to speak; for what YOU are to speak will be given YOU in that hour; 20 for the ones speaking are not just YOU, but it is the spirit of YOUR Father that speaks by YOU

  • punkofnice

    the old days of Quackenbush goin into court and bullying everyone to give in to the WBT$ are over. (That's how I saw Quackenbush and the old guard anyway).

    It would seem the RC are totally aware that the WBT$ reps are employing 'theocratic warfare(tm) to protect the cult leaders.

    I can only hope paedophile protecting Geoff Jackson does get called to the stand. Do you believe that whole 'caring for his family' stuff? His being on the GB automaticallyindicates he doesn't give a monkeys about the value of human life or the safety of children.

    My only wish from all of this is that the WBT$ makes the reporting of child sex abuse an automatic call to the police IMMEDIATELY...make it mandatory!!

  • barry
    I don't know why these JW witnesses evade and sometimes lie they should be on the same side as the RC. The RC is trying to make them see best practice so they won't be punished by extreme litigation when the next court case comes up. The JWs will be litigated into bankruptcy and the courts will cite the RC it will be their own fault.

    sparrowdown - On the button - that overly ...ever so humble .....not that I wish to offend your Honour tone got my Hemroids in a tizz I tell you !

    Yet if any R & F member had phoned Service Dept prior to this ARC and taken up the issue of the following:

    The Commissioner told Spinks that because they make a detailed examination and have their own internal process of dealing with abuse cases, they have therefore made themselves responsible for the need to report. Spinks confirmed that they think it is the individual's right but the Commissioner pointed out that the elders themselves have made a decision as to whether a person is guilty or not and therefore have this responsibility of knowing that they have identified a criminal
    There are laws that deal with people who are hiding a criminal or are fully aware that there is a known criminal and they would clearly know if the abuser confessed.......................

    ..................You could have ended up in a JC for speaking against Gods channel/ Divisiveness / fomenting apostasy and a string of related "charges".

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