Does the RC have the names of the 1006 abused victims?

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  • OnTheWayOut

    I am confident that it is as Listener says: Victims can voluntarily contact the commission and a lot of support will be provided to them.

    Regardless of whether the RC connects them with support from elsewhere or actually does something about providing that help, they are doing a huge service and should stay focused on that- allowing these victims to be heard in a way that people stop and pay attention and believe them. That's way more than Watchtower did.

    And your blood should boil at this. While, of course the primary thing is that the victims get help and move on, your JW wife is shifting the subject from our point of view. Our point of view is highlighting that God's organization is not all that members might think it is. She's taking her cognitive dissonance and shifting to thinking about innocent people being abused by wolves in sheep's clothing and what kind of help they need so that she can leave the organizational part out. The RC is not just there for revealing a thousand monsters that claim to be JW's. The RC is pointing out what part the Watchtower had in making things worse for these victims.

  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    Scar tissue slows down or prevents movement. Burn victims need physical therapy. Abuse victims need therapy and treatment to be able to live and move past emotionally disabling wounds. Sometimes the injuries are too extensive to ever heal up!

    How many times have I heard "Christian" members of Jehovah's congregations say that they believed in "tough love." "Move past it, pray and have faith in Jehovah." Well the love I feel for those types of impatient, compassionless, ignorant, mean, controlling assholes would be more like tough shit, if they ever get what they deserve.


  • Oubliette

    Great thoughts in the OP. However, you should know that there are not 1006 victims of sexual abuse by JWs in Australia, there are/were 1006 abusers identified by the WTBTS.

    Many, perhaps even most, sexual predators abuse multiple victims. Also, there are no doubt many cases of abuse that were never documented by or reported to the elders.

    These are important distinctions if one is to really grasp the magnitude of this problem.

  • RichardHaley
    1006 abusers identified by the WTBTS
    ditto that! I see the same mistake on other threads also... Not 1006 victims but 1006 KNOWN ABUSERS!
  • Dumplin

    Oubliette: 1006 abusers

    yes, i knew that but typed in haste w/out thinking. Thanks for setting that clear for everyone.

    OnTheWayOut I was encouraged somewhat by your comments: " they are doing a huge service and should stay focused on that- allowing these victims to be heard in a way that people stop and pay attention and believe them. That's way more than Watchtower did" And I might add that Wt not only FAILS in the part of Good Samaritan, they are actually the very ones who rob, beat and leave the victim half-dead on the side of the road in many cases. (blood boiling again) WT helps no one.

    umbertoecho you said: "His Honour, warned a WT lawyer on Friday, that it's focus was not going to be swayed away from past wrongs perpetrated against victims... don't see WT lawyers being able to bully or derail this commission". VERY encouraging, I almost forgot that I had heard him say that too! thx - that helped me.

    I thought about it last night in bed and wondered whether any of us who are "concerned citizens" here are doing what the Samaritan did - that is, actually reaching out to victims in a tangible way that reflects where are hearts are in this. Or are we mostly just out to discredit WT. I'm a newbie, but so far I like it here.

  • possum
    Australian social workers do alot of work with abuse victims in line with the Australian Social Workers Code of Ethics (AASW) 2010 Australian social workers are not a registered entity and must voluntarily abide by this code of ethics and practice. American social workers are registered and can be stuck of the register for unethical practice and decision making. Applewhite clearly is not safe to practice.

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