Does the RC have the names of the 1006 abused victims?

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  • Dumplin

    I've updated my JW wife on the highlights of the RC proceedings each day as they occur. But tonight she said something that made my blood boil (which I am usually in complete control of). She said something to the effect that victims need to not dwell on what happened and let it control their lives. I told her to nip it in the bud because she's never been a victim and can't possibly give advice or know what victims go thru, and so on. Then I started thinking about what they go through and what they need to recover from their sense of isolation and worthlessness. How tragic for those who never get help. Many suffer for years, perhaps the rest of their lives.

    Anyway, I thought about the RC and the empathy they show toward the victim - always focused on the victim getting the support and help they need. Do they have the names of these 1006 victims and is it something they would look into - that is to say, would they reach out to any of these victims to see if they might help them or how they are coping? Seems like that would be a concern of theirs. But I wouldn't know how they would go about it or if they even are able to do that. I just feel so bad about the ones left behind, that's all.

  • Listener
    Victims can voluntarily contact the commission and a lot of support will be provided to them
  • possum
    My daughter gave evidence in person and the commissioner said the person after her giving evidence was 80 yrs old. Many victims never recover and then blamed for lack of faith because of reluctance to go witnessing attend meeting/alcoholism and sometimes with the very person who abused them. No police/ no justice and no psychological (heaven forbid worldly) assistance.
  • Dumplin

    possum - what you describe is absolutely typical treatment by JWs.

    I think the transcript from the first day of the RC stated it best when summing up the religion: "The Jehovah's Witness Church is preoccupied with sin and sinning." They are a punitive religion - experts at finding the bad and absolutely feeble when it comes to healing the sick, feeding the hungry, etc. And it seems that anyone who tries to reach out gets to feel their contemptuous displeasure too. Delightfully non-helpful.

    Listener - maybe you're right. It's up to the victim to reach out for help first. So tragic when you compare that to the good Samaritan parable. Maybe witnesses are right: they'll get the help they need in the new system. (heavy sigh)

  • joe134cd
    I think that the 1006 isn't the amount of victims. I think it was the amount of offenders. Or JC that were conducted. Can some one please verify this.
  • Dumplin
    yes. I just got corrected on that by pm. but I still think they must have the names of the victims who accused the perps, right? Does everyone just consider them lost sheep until they come forward?
  • possum
    Its seems like the ones who give a submission are followed up. My relative has been contacted by a detective re: investigation of abuser? Have tried to encourage others to submit to commission. Extremely reluctant and damaged persons with no exit plan from organisation. Paralyzed by extreme fear of the world. Organisation seems to keep them in an infantile state of dependency.
  • LoveUniHateExams

    She said something to the effect that victims need to not dwell on what happened and let it control their lives

    Your wife may have a point. Perhaps a good response to this would be something along the lines of: "taking child abuse to the police gives the victim opportunities for counselling and their say in court. It also punishes the abuser and thus gives some kind of closure to the survivor - allowing them to get on with their lives"

    It's due to the WTS inadequate child abuse procedure that victims may let what happened control their lives.

  • umbertoecho

    His Honour, warned a WT lawyer on Friday, that it's focus was not going to be swayed away from past wrongs perpetrated against victims of an already horrible crime, by dint of WTs shocking approach to the whole sexual molestation claims and their neglectful and cruel attitudes. He was getting pissed off with the WTguy and his equally inefficient "expert" Miss CrabApple who croaked her way limpingly, ingloriously, over the finishing line that was Friday.

    I don't see WT lawyers being able to bully or derail this commission, for the commission is too well read and experienced in stalling tactics.

  • OrphanCrow
    Possum: Its seems like the ones who give a submission are followed up. My relative has been contacted by a detective re: investigation of abuser?

    If the Commission has turned the names of the abusers over to the police (like they should have been years ago), the police force in Australia is going to be pretty busy with investigating historic cimes.

    The Royal Commission is concerned with making changes but the police are concerned with solving crime.

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