Apostates Never Never Never Will Be Slaves.

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  • Englishman

    A few months ago, our old chum Rick started a thread on H20 about what would happen to some apostates AFTER armageddon.

    According to his reasoning, JW apostates, that is to say persons who had only turned against the WTBTS and not against Jehovah, these ones would survive the great battle and then become personal slaves to the goody two-shoes dubs who sailed through armageddon with first-class honours. Apostate duties would include the renovating of fine stately homes such as Sandringham or Balmoral, so that all of the very fine fellows in Watchtowerland could relax in comfort from their pre-geddon labours, and enjoy being waited on hand and foot by people such as, er well, you tell me!

    So, I was just wondering, if Rick is right in what he says, whom would I like to be a slave to? Or would non-existence be preferable?

    Also, does anyone know of any basis whatsoever for a person to believe in this master/slave arrangement?


  • joelbear

    I know several people in master/slave arrangements, but I had never pictured these kind of relationships in the new system.

    Wow, Jehovah is kinkier that I thought.



  • stephenw20

    and ~this~ is suppose to be the NEW system

    no thank you..I live right here right now

  • Englishman


    Oh, I see where you're coming from. Another ex-dub who has all his old ties knotted around the legs of the bed. I know about this 'cos I read about in the papers. (Yeah, - right!)


  • trevor


    You haven't been taking Fredhall's warnings to heart. All apostates will die
    at Armageddon particularly those that have imbibed with elders and pumped them
    for information.

    Anyway they will have no use for slave in the new-world. The women will continue
    to wait on the men and do all the cleaning and menial tasks while the men order them
    around. That's why it's called paradise - see!

  • nojw86

    Just what is an aposta te someone who loves posta,,,,, or apost hate, Tsk tsk, those bad boys in bkyln. Slave......As JB said Jehovah is "kinkier than I thought.....NOJW (little lulu says all JW are a little lulu)

  • ozziepost

    Mr English,

    You have me confused. I thought Jehovah was the organisation. So those who are apostates agianst the org must have rebelled against Jehovah too. Aren't I correct?

    BTW how did the meet with the dub-in-a-pub go? I'm all ears!



  • expatbrit

    A can think of quite a few people I would be a willing slave to. Funnily enough, they're all women (in their reinvigorated new system youth). Sophia Loren springs to mind. Hedy Lamarr too.

    Anyway, as far as I know there is absolutely no basis in any WT writings for JW's to believe in this new world slavery thing.

    Gina Lollobrigida as well. Marilyn Monroe, Raquel Welch.....

    Expatbrit, humming rule Brittania at the keyboard.

  • Gianluca

    Sorry Expatbrit,

    Forget about Sophia and Gina, i think they prefer italians.....sorry

    We'll make a deal you keep the rest and i'll just slave for them ok?

    Gianluca ( humming "Fratelli d'Italia" at the keyboard.....)

  • Francois

    A thousand years with Jehovah's Witnesses?

    I'd rather be dead.

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