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  • stephenw20

    Its never an easy thing to leave the TRIBE and develpo your own IDEAS, especailly this TRIBE. known for shunning independent thinking(we should just be animals...if that were the case)

    I wanted to welcome you and respond to one point you made......

    "During the last year I have educated myself concerning the history of the WTS. It was devastating to realize how many years I have wasted. I gave my whole life to that organization"

    Well it may seem wasted, but it was a prolonged education of sorts......and your WHOLE life isnt over yet..there is still much is a new day....
    you may consider looking not some therapy . books or tapes about healing and that sort of thing. has some good info for those dealing with the spirtual journey and the life journey , and dealing with leaving a tribe like this one

    Please feel free to lean when you need to.

  • expatbrit

    Hi 30years:


    You'll find quite a bit in common with many here. Your method of seeing what develops is a good one. Taking things slowly does seem to be the best way to go.

    Looking forward to your future postings.


  • Undecided

    Hi 30,

    I was in the org. for 30 some years and was a PO when I moved to another area. I had grown tired of all the responsibilities so I just faded out about 28 years ago. I didn't disbelieve the "truth" until recently when I began to examine the history and doctrine. Was I surprised to see the deceit and falsehood that was involved in keeping the r/f publisher in the org.

    Now, after going to a fundamental christain church(to see what they offered) I have come to the conclusion that organized religion is just a way to sooth the emotions when faced with death.

    Most of my family who were JWs are dead, so I don't have your problem. I think the advice given here to take it slow is good.
    My wife is not a JW so I don't have to deal with that, although I don't agree with her on religion that is not a problem unless your wife is a JW.

    We welcome you here, we won't tell you what action to take but we will understand your circumstances and will relate our own expierences so you might learn from our mistakes and triumphs.

    Some have found new faiths, others have not, but we leave that up to you since it is a personal matter anyway.

    I enjoy this place and hope you will too.


    Ken P.

  • ozziepost

    G'day 30years, terraly and truman,

    Welcome to our Home Sweet Home. There are others here who , like you, served as elders for many years, have raised families in the 'truth' and have now seen things differently.

    You will find this a forum that can stimulate as well as soothe. Generally the family is friendly. Occasionally we get a bit riled, but make yourselves at home. Please speak to us as often as you like. We'll enjoy 'hearing' from you in your posts.



  • dark clouds
    dark clouds

    welcome 30:

    this is a phenominal place to say the least,

    and to all the new comers welcome also. . . .


  • dark clouds
  • qwerty

    Hello 30years

    Welcome to the growing crowd Bro.

    You said...
    >I haven’t told anyone as yet how I feel or what exactly I’m going to do since I appear to others as “weakening” in my “zeal”. I still love the friends very much. <

    That's the catch 22 situation, isn't it?

    There are many here also stuck because of family and friends. My wife knows exactly how I feel, she's cried buckets and both of us don't no what to do for the best. She wants things to be back to normal "truth wise" and is scared something will get back to the Elders. I just want to step down as an MS, but find it so hard because of my over zealous father in Law and other family + they are a very emotional lot.

    >All that a lot of them need is a little information that will help them think a little and realize that things are not so “peachy keen” with the WTS.<

    That would be a bad move, you don't need me to tell you that. I went out for a drink with my best friend, a few months back. I almost slip up by indicating that I was not for abstaining from blood (drink talking). You could see his face go white with shock. The next few days he was a bit distant with me, I continued being myself. He must have put it down to the drink talking. Thankfully he's back to normal now, it's just made me more wary!

    All the best, great to have you on line with us.

  • uncle_onion

    Hi 30 years

    I nearly made 30 years as well! Welcome to the ever growing crowd. I would be interested in what made you doubt the org?


  • ShaunaC

    Welcome 30, Terraly & Truman! So glad you've joined us!

    30, I too was raised as a JW. My dad is currently the PO of the last cong I attended before being DF'd. Because of his position he feels he must maintain an even higher level of conduct so as to set a good example for the rest of the cong. So I essentially have not had parents for the past 2 years.

    I am glad you are here with us for two reasons: 1) I hope you see that you have nothing to feel guilty about & you may even be the one who saves your entire family from this cult. Please just take it one day at a time and soak up any strength & comfort those on this board can provide you, as they have me! 2) I'm excited to have another elder on board who has recently served & knows the current ins & outs of what's going on in the org right now. Your insight will be of great comfort & use for many of us who still have family that are in the clutches of the WT.

    So I look forward to getting to know you, 30, and all the other new posters. And I hope we all can help you by sharing our experiences and what we've learned since leaving.


  • Gopher

    Welcome aboard, 30

    Like you, I wondered what took me so long to get out. I was raised in the organization, and was "dismissed" last year @ age 39.

    But I think our experience gained on the "inside" can be of some help to those who come to this board.

    Isn't it good to come free from the hold of WTS propaganda we've been subjected to all our life? If it had been actually "truth", there would not need to be such a propaganda campaign, which includes calling all of us nice people out here apostates (hehe).

    Take care, hope to hear from you often!


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