Photobombing the Ministerial Servant's incentive rewards at the Regional Convention

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  • John Aquila
    John Aquila

    The Jw girls look good in nice lighting. But what do they really look like?

  • blondie
    So where are the not so pretty women...single for life....because even the ugliest MS or elder has his pick of the pretty ones. Even the desperado brothers get the leavings, quite a few still attractive sisters. The policy here is that brothers should marry widowed, divorced, single mothers with children first (have sexual experience you see). It helps if your father is an elder and a "heavy" brother with money in the circuit and region. Yes, I see sisters regular pioneer then as soon as they get their man, they quit, get pregnant, and gain weight. I heard many a bethel brother say whatever the mother looks like that is what your wife will look like in a few years. So you should have a picture of those girls mothers............
  • TheListener
    Spot on Blondie
  • FatFreek 2005
    FatFreek 2005
    That's a great reply/essay oppostate. I only wish I could have copied and pasted it some 38 years ago.
  • Vidiot

    The brunette on the far left of the OP pic is a stunner.


    When I was growing up in the Org, I didn't find all that many JW girls particularly attractive... I even used to get kind of bummed about it, because it seemed to me that the worldy girls were always so much better looking (even though I realized even as a young guy that it was probably a statistical thing).

    It certainly didn't help that the most "spiritual" JW girls my parents tried to point out to me often seemed downright homely.

    Probably not a coincidence that I eventually dated and married an extremely pretty JW woman who was - nonetheless - quite inactive.

  • cattails

    TheListener: "Run brothers run for the hills!!!! Those girls are trouble I tell ya!!"

    Tell me about a female who wasn't trouble? It's in our nature! And we're out to get you! You bet you better run, but you can't hide! kkkkkkkk.

  • Vidiot

    cattails - "...we're out to get you!"

    Oh! Oh! Pick me, pick me!

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