Photobombing the Ministerial Servant's incentive rewards at the Regional Convention

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  • oppostate

    Watchtower marketing incentive rewards for young single baptized males in the 0rganization.

    The face of the photobombing brother in the background says it all. Like a child in a candy shop. The Gobbering Body knows quite well the pull of sexual attraction and its emotional pull. They have set a trap to draw members and keep them under subjection. And it starts with the pretty smile of a sister, the big grin of an interested brother.

    The steps to this trap are:

    For males.

    1. As a young man if you're attracted to the opposite sex there's high percentage of females available for each male.

    2. In order to even think of getting married to a Witness female you must be baptized.

    3. If you want one of these prize females you need to be reaching out and be at least an MS or higher.

    4. Once married you better not lose faith in the WT and its Gobbering body or your relationship will suffer, you will not get laid for months, if at all, unless you are towing the cult party line, your wife will distance herself from you emotionally and draw closer to others in the congregation especially elders who become substitute spiritual heads for her.

    For females.

    1. As an available female of marriageable age you find yourself competing with other Witness females for the limited number of marriageable males in the 0rganization.

    2. In order to get married you must be baptized and in good standing.

    3. You should pioneer if you want a prize male, that is someone with some status in the congregation, who can raise your own standing in the congregation and you need to make sure this brother has the ability and desire to reach out.

    4. Once married you better not lose faith in the WT and its Gobbering body, otherwise there wll be trouble, your homelife will be toast and your emotional intimacy goes down the drain, in the relationship with this WT head of the house.


    The Gobbering Body likes to use the natural need for sex and emotional intimacy to draw and keep their members in subjection. And it all starts with that pretty smile.

  • Makemeanunbeliever
    I understand your point but why the immature word substitution for "governing"?
  • goingthruthemotions

    yeah......from the outside looking in a young person would think...Man those girls are hott.

    But, in reality.....each and everyone of those girls is a train wreck and riddled with conditional


    Doesn't make for a good marriage...

    My marriage is falling apart because of this indoctrination and conditional love.

    I hate this God Damned cult!!!!!!

  • Makemeanunbeliever
    All love is conditional. Cheat on a mate and let me know how that works out.
  • WTWizard

    And what happens when they use it as bait to get you committed to this cancer of a religion? They used the opposite sex as bait--I had just to progress into the cancer, and joke-hova would take care of it. Instead, I ended up baptized--which could ultimately be used as a legally binding contract (if Scientology can do it, I don't know why the jokehovians can't also). Legally bound to be a jokehovian witless, and the courts upholding it as they did with some Scientologists. All coinciding with that return to joke-hova brochure, the God's Tyranny book (study it or be court-ordered baci in), and Saturn returning to Sagittarius.

    The worst part: Had Satan been with me to bring me the opposite sex Himself, I never would have been baited into this cancer of a religion in the first place. No worrying about getting more than a chance to "Not Interested" a jokehovian. Not worrying about when that court order would come, or be threatened. Not having to worry about whether they will mandate me to place my silver stack in the Worldwide Damnation Fund. Not having that damnation book, I don't know how many of which are still floating around in my place. Saturn enters Sagittarius, so what. To boot, having the chance to reproduce.

  • wozza
    A desperate attempt by the GB to stop the young men from enjoying Lycra an turning gay?
  • C0ntr013r
    Watchtower marketing incentive rewards for young single baptized males in the 0rganization.

    Just young once? Think of all the pedophiles this picture will attract, they might be a bit old for them, but still...

    Some of them might be under 18...

  • oppostate


    I understand your point but why the immature word substitution for "governing"?

    That is an excellent question and I'm glad you asked it. The answer is simple. Anger.

    I feel an emotional release by retaliating verbally against a group of men that controlled and governed over my mind and soul for the better part of my youth and my productive years as a human being.

    They set themselves above anyone else, in fact just between God and men, promising a better life, everlasting life if we followed their rules and regulations, if we gave our minds and our energy to their purposes.

    Becoming awake to their manipulation and no longer wrapped around their pinky ringed finger, I find myself ostracized and relegated to their rubbish pile, discarded and put away, mentally diseased, worthless in their eyes.

    I oppose their judgement of me as somehow lacking, as not being good enough, as worthy of disdain.

    When I verbally strike out at them with sophomoric expressions it reminds me that they are just a bunch of incompetent spiritual shepherds, whose leadership is based on mind control and cultish practices.

    Making fun of their right to "govern" helps me cut them down to size in my mind, and I find this therapeutic.

    Immature? Perhaps, maybe even probably so, but I find that although intellectually I have grown and advanced mentally through the years, emotionally I was prevented from growing in many ways by belonging to their 0rganization.

    This group of men practice a bait and switch scam where they appeal to your reason in separating you from whatever other beliefs you may have held then they change over from reason to emotion. Enticing you with promises of a never ending life of bliss.

    We are kept emotionally in suspense over this ever approaching fulfillment of a wonderful new earth where the lion will eat straw and live with the lamb side by side, where there will no one to do harm. We are held back by a false hope that fills our minds and hearts with devotion and obedience to their every word, to their ever changing doctrines and regulations.

    We are taught to suspend our belief in the truth we experience and place our hope in their Truth, in their assurances of a better experience full of love and care.

    When you see they are not really motivated by love nor care and that their goal is to further their corporate empire, then you become worthless to them, even a threat to their establishment.

    It feels good to use sophomoric name calling as an outlet for my disappointment and ongoing disgust with the WT hierarchy. It would probably feel better to personally beat the crap out of them.

    But then, away from their mind control, accepting the moral guidelines of the Christian Gospel, I find myself reaching out for a better emotional state. Improving my outlook on humanity, and seeing the beauty of diversity, whereas through their teaching I thought myself better than those in the world, set apart, special and remaining emotionally bound.

    Breaking those bonds hasn't been easy. But I'm realizing I am part of this living and thriving world, where we all have a right, perhaps even a basic human need, to search for the truth and find meaning in our lives.

    As I grow emotionally I see the mental scars of their bindings fading, but while they remain they're a constant reminder of their abuse and coercion into submission.

    If lashing out at them with sophomoric name calling allows me to let go of the anger inside and continue allowing myself to emotionally break with them and see them as the pitiful little tyrants they are then so be it. Gobbering Body be damned!

  • FadeToBlack
    Nice response oppostate. In so many ways we were stunted, not just emotionally. I'm glad to be free, but the realization that since I'll be 58 this month. i don't have a lot of time left to do it my way.
  • oppostate

    I'm glad to be free, but the realization that since I'll be 58 this month. i don't have a lot of time left to do it my way.

    So true, F2b, so very true.

    For us who've given the best decades of our lives to this cult, feeling like we've been robbed is naturally going to raise up feelings of great disappointment and anger.

    We may be out, but we cannot claim back the precious time of our younger days. How can we reclaim that? How could we ever get that back?

    And if we're still in due to family it can make us feel trapped, having to be in constant opposition to the control of the WT hierarchy with every article they print, yet careful with whatever we say in every conversation with a JW under their spell. Constantly reminded how they continue to steal others' lives and best years for their corporate benefit.

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