Photobombing the Ministerial Servant's incentive rewards at the Regional Convention

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  • stillin

    I commented to my wife this morning how pushy it seems to suggest to young sisters that they have such priority all standards regarding choosing a husband; that they be at least a Ministerial Servant and reaching out for more privileges.

    wow, she really got defensive, with the "look at what a dud YOU are!"


  • Magnum

    FadeToBlack: Nice response oppostate. In so many ways we were stunted, not just emotionally. I'm glad to be free, but the realization that since I'll be 58 this month. i don't have a lot of time left to do it my way.

    My feelings, too. I'm just a couple of years behind you. I don't have time to start over and do it my way. The org took the prime of my life and I won't even be able to enjoy my senior years since I have a low-paying job that won't last much longer and no retirement prospects.

  • tiki
    Pretty girls...poor misled lambs....
  • Room 215
    Room 215
    tsk, tsk.. lil naughty number 5 doesn't even have a convention badge.. for shame! Gotta love their neck-to-floor outfits..
  • TheListener

    Run brothers run for the hills!!!! Those girls are trouble I tell ya!!

    Sex is not worth it!!!!

    Imagine the years and years of limited conversations about pretty much nothing!!!! nothing I say!!!!!

    discuss politics? NO

    discuss religion, besides how great we are? NO

    discuss world events, besides how bad they are? NO

    have a free flow of ideas and thoughts about life, love and God???? NO NO and NO

    Ok I think I need a whiskey and for the record I dated a lot of dub girls just like those back in my day and know of what I speak. Find yourself a moabite mama or canaanite cutie (bethel terms).

  • FadeToBlack
    @oppostate again. The anger is something I really need to get a handle on. Not good. I need to explain to my wife why I have been so angry and then move on. Unfortunately, I don't have anyone else to talk to except the kind people here. I know it is not fair to her. This is not her fault.
  • DarioKehl

    Cute little thangs, but they're 100% homeschooled train wrecks with no incentive to get an education & find a career. They've actually been moulded by the GB; they're a physical product mass produced by JW dot bOrg. Fembots!

    the GB have fostered such a love/hate attitude about girls that trickles all the way down to local elder bodies. They're a much needed asset, but the deep pathological and institutional misogyny makes for a strange and awkward dipole situation:

    "get baptized at 12, little brats. homeschool and pioneer, bitch. oh you made out with a teenage boy from the hall and he went up your shirt? give us all the sexy details, little slut. cry and whimper like a manga girl and if it's good enough to go into the committee's spank bank, we'll give you private reproof. YOUR job is to dress modestly, but remain molestable as hell. YOUR job is to perform free marketing for us, but never receive equal rights. YOUR job is not be a slut, but know when to use your ASSets to snag an exemplary mate. In the meantime, you pioneer. You attend every meeting, convention and assembly looking as hot as possible. You sit down, shut up and get spiritually fed--and you'd better fuckin' LIKE it. Fuck this up and we take away your daddy's privileges."

  • Ucantnome

    3. If you want one of these prize females you need to be reaching out and be at least an MS or higher.

    Can you show me where this is said, thanks.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    These young ladies look lovely and it would be natural for a young man to want to find himself in their good graces so to speak. The motivation to serve God however is meant to come from our own relationship with him rather than as a means to satisfy our basic human needs or to impress others.

    When young Sisters are told that there is something wrong with a young man if he isn't serving God at a certain level by a certain stage in his life, it sets up a situation where a young man might find himself striving to achieve spiritual goals for the wrong reason. A young woman could also make the incorrect assumption that just because a young man has reached a certain level in the congregation, he has a "good relationship" with God and is sure to make a good husband.

  • warehouse

    I didn't see anything like these women running around at my RC. All I saw was a bunch of strung out, single 45yr old sisters running to get seats, and some idiotic little 15yr olds who were forced to be there. I guess I was too busy. Oh well.

    I wouldn't be surprised if these chicks were all on the edge, had worldly boyfriends, and are just waiting for the right moment to get out or start a quick fade.

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