"Questions From Readers"...are they r...

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  • trevor


    It is obvious that the questions do not come from the readers because
    the readers are trained to not ask questions. To question is forbidden as
    it shows a lack humility and 'a patiently waiting for the slaves food at the
    proper time.' I am surprised that you had to ask - and in asking you have
    fallen into the trap set by Satan - that of doubtingand questioning.

  • hippikon

    Have you noticed less and less questions fromreaders over the last few years. In the 70's & 80's nearly every issue hade a QFR but now your lucky (or unlucky) to get 5 a year. Either they dont like questions or JWs know everything allready

  • unanswered

    i just think it's ridiculous that the WT even pretends to welcome questions. the answers are always full of that " it's a conscience matter, but you wouldn't do it if you were a christian" garbage.

  • Had Enough
    Had Enough


    I've always wondered where the 'Questions from Readers' came from and how come the WTS printed them, because I remember a meeting part telling us not to write questions to the Headquarters. We were to first search out the question for ourselves from the publications and then..if we couldn't find the answer to go to the elders for help. It seems it was 'our responsibility' to do the work ourselves, and that the HQ would return our question to the elders to correct us. Searching the answer for ourselves proved our maturity.

    Anyone else remember that?

    Had Enough

  • waiting

    hey had enough,

    Your recollections are the same as mine. We were to research on our own, then ask the elders, and then the CO, and then wait on Jehovah.


  • ozziepost

    The Society have always responded graciously to any written questions.

    Quite a number of us aussies have received letters answering our questions. Of course, that was in the time when thequestions were innocently asked1


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