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  • LovesDubs

    Just like the URBAN LEGENDS that we all heard at assemblies, we also read Questions From Readers in the WTS rags...did you guys ever read those while you were still JWs and think "Oh my GOD...there is NO WAY that some 8 year old wrote or even SAID any of this." Or when you heard at assemblies that we should be SOOOO thankful because the brothers in AFRICA are walking through gator infested, malarial waters with their children on their backs and their book bags and meeting clothes on their heads, through monsoon rains 74 miles EACH WAY to attend THEIR assemblies.

    My mother used to say the same thing about cleaning my plate because there were kids in Whoknowswhere starving to death. How my cleaning my plate was gonna help them was never made clear to me.

  • Fredhall

    Keep licking your plate LovesDubs. Keep on licking your plate!!!!



  • BadAssociate

    hi dubs - i heard they make the questions and the answers up themselves


  • trevor


    We were so poor that we weren't allowed to lick our plates,
    we had to save them for the next meal. This was because we were
    Witnesses and uneducated. All spare coins went into the contribution box.
    Ministry bag? I had a carrier bag and I had to save up for that. Witnesses today-
    they don't know they're born!

  • ozziepost

    Some of you older dubs may remember the time when the QFR showed the name and country of the reader who had sent in the question.

    After that changed, it became more and more apparent that the use of the term 'Questions from Readers' was deceptive. Clearly the question is simply a device used to 'clarify' a current contentious issue and announce a modification in teaching.

    BTW the use of questions with answers is also used in a part at each year's District Convention. It's never, to my recollection, been explained why we have the questions, nor where the questions come from.



  • BadAssociate

    this questions from readers format is a handy editorial technique they use in an attempt to head objections off at the pass - so to speak

    denounce contrary opinion in very subtle way


  • Mr Angry
    Mr Angry

    Ray Franz clearly documents in 'Crisis of Conscience' that the Governing Body used the QFR to dispense 'new light' when they were in some kind of hole.


  • stephenw20


    so then the boys in brooklyn are like Penthouse forum without the pics?


  • LovesDubs

    Steph - would anybody even NOTICE the Penthouse forum without the pics? LOLOL!!

    I want a cheeseburger please, with no cheese and no meat.

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