Are we bitter people or just victims?

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  • trevor

    All the above post are very good and show the strength of feeling that exists towards the WT. This is mixed with a conflict, caused by the fact that many JWs are sincere people trying to do whats they feel is right. They are not a bunch of no-goods, just people who have been mislead.

    Jehovah's Witnesses believe that there is a universal court case going on to settle the issue of God's right to rule the earth. The issue is one of universal sovereignty. They claim to be God's witnesses in the court case, appointed by him, to put forward his side of the debate.

    If this were a case held even in an imperfect human court, how many times could such witnesses make false statements and claims before their honesty was called into question? How many failed promises and false dates could be entered into the court record before the witnesses were discredited and their testimony considered inadmissible? At what point would the judge conclude that such unreliable testimony was damaging to the case, and such witnesses were actually harming the reputation of the one they were claiming to support?

    However well intended the efforts of witnesses in a court case, their testimony has to be truthful and unchanging. It cannot be altered and embellished as the case progresses. It is not enough for the witnesses to say that they meant well and were trying to help. No just court can tolerate such mischief. How well have Jehovah's Witnesses presented their testimony and has it helped the cause of the one they claim has sent them to testify?

    They need to honestly recognize that their activity does not bring glory to the God who's name they carry.


  • stephenw20

    Part of getting away from the JWS and HEALING is knowing when you have to move on.

    Its been shown that your cell tissue RECORDS your each and every move and emotion, and if we are not careful we can become an agent for bonding on negativity........a witness woundologists, comparing scars.

    I was quite on the road my self to fine separation and find myself drawn to this forum because of the amount of time in my life spent in & around this CULT.

    Since I have unbeliveing mate(see thats witness BS)..I mean I have a mate who still has not seen for herself that this is not a genuine organization , it makes it hard form me to close the door. I also have children who are at a very impressionable age, and perhaps in that remains the challenge for me.

    But isnt that what life is about. Learning , and cahllenges. If we pray for forgiveness or to forgive........someone has to err in our opinion to forgive them. Its not always pleasant. But we can build our integrity and honor and endurance all the while. We can learn to manage this thing called SPIRIT

    THe challenge to me is of not being threatening , of not showing more emotion or ego than necessary , but to show dignity and honor and through example to allowmy children to clearly see the difference of a mind controlling group and the free thougth they posses and must learn to use effectivley.

    In my eyes , its all a learning expereince, with nothing happening per chance...I know I will hear much argument on this but that is ok... Ive felt the other way to...that I could do anything , that I had complete control over my own destiny...... I choose to look at the guy who was closest to the top and still chose lack of ego and love and compassion to solve issues. Not that you cant have a sense of humor about it.

    Any 12 step recovery program is a boat to get you across the river. YOu still have to get off onthe other side. When we dont get off, we are wasting our precious cell energy and our ANgels start screaming...........”You wanted to get past all this and now all you want to do is RELIVE it and say poor me!”

    Ill keep an eye on you if you promise to set me straight as well *S*

    Corner stone , forgivenss is a critcal point of healing . Its funny that is in the lords prayer not love.Its also easier if you get your self inot present time and realize your wasting you days energy holding onto a bad memory like a debt owed.


  • joelbear

    I know I have wasted too much time on both being bitter and viewing myself as a victim.

    Stop analyzing it and start living. The best way to heal is to have a happy life and live every day to the fullest. Thats also the best revenge.



  • Tina

    Hi All,
    I agree with Simon and Es,
    Of course one is going to experience the gamut of emotions int he beginning,would only be natural.
    But it's not healthy thinking to remain in a 'victim mode'. That implies helplessness and no control over ones' life,when in fact we do have the abilty to deal with it and heal...
    Wher did you get this info that cell tissues record every move and emotion?
    Please tell me where empirical medical studies prove this....
    this is psuedo-science with no basis in fact. tina

  • BadAssociate

    regrets are cheaper by the dozen


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