World War III Looming?

by kelsey007 11 Replies latest jw friends

  • Grunt

    I don't think we need fear a WW III. Nothing like that seems to be shaping up. There is no set of powerful foes to do battle. What I do see is more and more resentment towards immigrants in the host countries where they are now causing a lot of trouble. Moslems in particular seem to be trying to perpetuate the stereotypes that are already taking shape. From torturing flight attendants to blowing up office workers and rugby fans they are giving themselves a bad reputation as suicidal cowards. The moslem convert sniper shooting kids and women, the moslems in Moscow who held the theatre goers hostage, they are doing a real good job of alienating all other religions and nations. Russia and the USA now find common ground in saying hunt them down wherever they come from. I hope they don't succeed in turning a very tolerant set of western nations against all moslems out of anger at a few homicidal/suicidal moslems.


  • kenpodragon

    I had a professor in college who called War, population control. Sick, but true! When we get crowded, we fight.

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