can you stop the preaching work

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  • dark clouds
    dark clouds

    i definitely feel that something must be done to warn our neighbors as to the potential danger of those going to their doors in sheeps clothing. . . .

    fliers will work but as long as they are promoted, it takes time to spread these around. . .

    as far as walking around and behind the r&f, with picket signs and such, while they are going door to door, will only promote negativity. it will be a classic example of us and them. we dont need that. . .

    we are wanting to do a justice for our community on many levels, the more educated and organized that we come across the more serious we will be taken. . .

    i strongly agree that the way to topple this giant, is to start at the bottom, lets start slowing the work down by notifying the neighbors and the authorities, several of these "attacks" will cause a stir, and if we do it right and do it nationally and eventually globally, which we will in turn, in time not only will it cause an effect in "sales" at the WT, but they will not have enough lawyers to keep up, IF we do this right. . . .

    down for the revolution

  • Celia

    The flyer I was thinking about, would have explained the JW cult to normal people who don't have a clue as to who the JWs really are. Let's face it, only a small percentage of the population knows anything about them, besides the fact that they appear at their doors once in a while, magazines and bible in hand, talking about stuff they are not at all interested in. For such a "householder", it would be good to explain what's really behind the polite, smiling (mostly) ladies at their door. The child molestation story should of course also be dealt with, and the non-blood policy, and the df policy and shunning.

  • Celia

    " do you know who is knocking on your door?"
    .....let them know how there children may be at risk.

    I agree with warning people about hidden molesters amongst the JWs.
    I also was thinking that most people don't know anything really about this "religion". They just know that JWs come knocking on your door once in a while, with a Bible in one hand and a bag full of WT literature in the other. They are pleasant and polite. They may know that they refuse blood transfusions, not much else.
    Could anyone come up with a flyer that explains what the JWs really stand for, all the stuff that these nice, smiling people will never tell you at your door or even during a "Bible" study. ???

  • expatbrit

    An explanatory flier might be a good idea, but imo, it must be handled in the right way so as not to backfire and provide propaganda material for the WTS spin doctors.

    To me, this would mean that the flier must be:

    a) absolutely factual, containing non-misleading and contextually correct quotes from WT materials, if any are used. There must be no possibility of the WT devaluing the flier by pointing out inaccurate quotes.

    b) written in a cool and impersonal manner. Non-confrontational, so as not to give the impression that the distributors are bitter drop-outs with an axe to grind.

    The flier could state that it has been prepared by concerned members of the local community. It could state something along the lines of the publishers not wishing to deny the free practice of religious activities, but that they feel it is important that the local community is aware of this information.

    Maybe a copy of the not-at-home slip could be incorporated into the flier to demonstrate the info. gathered by JW's (copyright probs?). If it is two-sided, the AP newspaper article about Silentlambs could be on the rear (copyright probs again?)

    If I was a reader with kids, I think I would be more likely to read and give credence to something like the above, than something screaming that all JW's are paedophiles or paedophile shelterers.

    Just my opinion,


  • peaceloveharmony

    where do i sign up? this is a great idea. fliers are the way to go. you can pass them out, tape them up, leave them at bus stops and laundromats....

    yay...been waiting for a revolution....


  • TR

    Check out

    There's probably some info there to put on a flyer. Also, the 1-800-why-1914 folks have info sheets they can send out.


  • stephenw20

    I like the movie Verdict with Paul Newman,

    because in it he says the LAW give us a chance at justice.

    went to the library, last night, in my town there are ordinances that require ~anyone~ , even if it for charity or donation to be registered with the township clerk.that goes form door to door The names of each officer of the organization must be recorded. EACH solicitor for such org must be registered, shall carry proper Id and display it on request.

    If a person is found in violation they are summonsed and have a court date set.

    Interestingly enough this applies to an organisation whos OFFICE or BUILDING is in town. THe congregation I was associted with is in another township all together. In fact they have no less than four townships in their territory.

    I will need to research this further.

    but it seems that even if it is through ignorance, they are BREAKING THE LAW!

    oh getty up!

  • newguy

    hi stephenw20,

    it would be unconstitutional for that law to apply to religions. The US supreme court has ruled in favor of the WT going door to door. At best, witnesses only have to notify the police if they will be in the area as a courtesy.

    It's something called the 1st Ammendment and I encourage you to study it, you Erin Brockobitch wanna-be.

    before you waste more time, check what the US Supreme Court has said on the subject. And if you're not familiar with the legal system, the US Supreme Court rulings trumps any local ordinace.

  • stephenw20


    Yes i have heard of the Supreme Court and the freedom of speech is not being challenged.

    The ordinance SPECIFICALY states :

    Any person, organization, society, or association of a charitable , religious, patriotic,philanthropic or community nature and having its residence or principal place of business in town

    this ~is~ about religious groups specifically.
    I can apprecaite your point about the big court ...

    however these towns with lawmakers and councilmen have homes with kids in them and they arent going to want any person or group that is not forthcoming about themselves posing a threat to children on their doorstep.

    the courts are littered with battles between the big court and little court....and this will be just one more.

    Freedom of speech doesnt extend to my front doorstep when the one talking is a child molestor telling me he has a new hope for me!

    Welcome to our forum.


  • BadAssociate

    i dunno

    this idea presupposes the community is interested in jw's

    which seems like a fatal flaw in the plan to me

    also p-phile offences are mostly carried out by individuals trusted by the victims family

    and a thirty second magazine sales pitch would not effective in creating that trust between the p-phile and the intended victim in my opinion

    why not have a central repository on the internet metatagged so it gets thrown to the top of all the search engines when ever anyone searches jw's + pedophiles and or either

    besides i think its all over bar the shouting for the wtbts since the advent of the internet

    the evidence against them online is so thoroughly documented and voluminous -

    the wtbts is just a facade

    anyone who joins the wtbts at this point in time, given the evidence on the internet

    will have to have their head in the sand not to see this facade


    ps sounds like newguy didnt get a naughty off the wife last night?

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