can you stop the preaching work

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  • TR

    The ApostleAK,

    It will only cause hassles just to the R&F (e.g. myself). You need the guys in Brooklyn to start taking notice and that will only happen if you publicise the whole SilentLambs thing in the national / international media etc. Doing things locally just won't make the Brooklyn element take notice.

    Oh, those poor rank and file! Well, maybe they need a wake up call. I don't give a shit if Brooklyn doesn't notice. REAL people in REAL neighborhoods need to know the dangers. And, if a JW somewhere along the way sees the "light" and leaves the WTS, bully for him/her.


  • TheApostleAK

    BTW i'm a R&F JW. I think just publicising the SilentLambs thing in Newspapers, Magazines and Current Affairs programs on a national / international level will do just fine. Anyway no changes will come about if the R&F get hammered....It's the guys in Brooklyn that need to be hammered to get things changed.

  • stephenw20

    again I respectfully disagree, cut off the legs and the head will fall off..

    you will NEVER GET to Brookly, thats a pipe dream .........

    pigs will fly first.......

  • Celia

    A flyer... I have been thinking about putting one together and distibuting it to the neighbors on my road for a long time.
    Never actually sat down to do it.
    What should appear on such a flyer?
    What is it like to be a JW?
    What are you expected to do as a JW?
    What are you forbidden to do as a JW?
    More ???
    Would love to hear from all of you.

  • stephenw20

    i was thinking along the lines of

    " do you know who is knocking on your door?"

    and then let them know how there children may be at risk.


  • Simon

    How about "WARNING: Cults are operating in your area"

  • stephenw20

    Simon, I like it

    do we need to not have awake and watctower copy heads to avoid copywrite infrigment....... in the body of the text?

  • stephenw20

    Someone help me out here

    does the house to house record that use to exist still exist?

    does it not have a legend on it that has abbreviations for placements, and also for man , woman or child?


  • nicolaou


    Please, please trust me. I've been working on something for quite a while that with our combined efforts could prove very effective (in the UK anyway).

    I'll be back in a few days to bring you all up to speed.



  • dark clouds
    dark clouds

    i definitely feel that something must be done to warn our neighbors as to the potential danger of those going to their doors in sheeps clothing. . . .

    fliers will work but as long as they are promoted, it takes time to spread these around. . .

    as far as walking around and behind the r&f, with picket signs and such, while they are going door to door, will only promote negativity. it will be a classic example of us and them. we dont need that. . .

    we are wanting to do a justice for our community on many levels, the more educated and organized that we come across the more serious we will be taken. . .

    i strongly agree that the way to topple this giant, is to start at the bottom, lets start slowing the work down by notifying the neighbors and the authorities, several of these "attacks" will cause a stir, and if we do it right and do it nationally and eventually globally, which we will in turn, in time not only will it cause an effect in "sales" at the WT, but they will not have enough lawyers to keep up, IF we do this right. . . .

    down for the revolution

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