can you stop the preaching work

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  • stephenw20

    In light of the recent media on the pdophiles with in the organization and the WTBTS stand on how these shoulld be dealt with , especailly in states where there is no law regarding reporting this to authorities.,............does any one here feel the neighborhood, town council or neighborhood watch in their town might have interest in know ing , child molestors are walking thier side walks.

    Knowing that summer is coming and lots of outdoor activities along with children being out of school, the community I am sure would like to know WHO is knocking on their door.

    After all, how many pedophiles get an opportunity to get into the community and actually see homes where kids live , see the surrounding s of the house, all in such an innocent trusted manner....put your self at that door answering it with this person at the door.......if YOU KNEW THIS

    Can we go door to door after the witnesses are there to the way the folks who were just here, are part of an organization that shields pedophiles, and doesnt come clean with even its own members as to whothe said offender is .........perhaps a petition against the house to house could be signed......and then offered to local officals

    please give me some feed back...........

  • expatbrit

    I've always been curious as to what the reaction would be in society in general if they knew that JW's keep detailed records of when people are not at home, and often when people are at home, and who(e.g. kids) they've talked to.

    At the least, they would view it as a security risk, don't you think?

    Combine that with hidden paedophiles having access to those records and visiting homes under the guise of evangelizing, and it's a pretty explosive informational cocktail, imo.


  • joelbear

    I agree with expatbrit about informing people about JW's. Our approach as exjw's should be to get the word of warning out in a positive manner.

    It is easy for the Watchtower to paint us with a brush of being bitter ex followers. It is up to us to keep things factual and not emotional as much as possible.

    I think this board does a great job of doing just that. While we do have some fun with our memories of meeting attendance etc, the members of this board do not concentrate on just complaining.

    hugs to all


  • TR

    This is a great topic!

    Maybe a flyer could be printed up with info from websites, links to news articles, Silentlambs info, etc. Then we could follow the JW's, and "place" these flyers with the People they just visited.

    Also, we can make use of our local public access cable tv channels. I think Scorpion does this in his home town. If there was a video made on this pedophile situation, I would see that it got run on TV in my town.

    Another thing we could do is picket the JW's, walk behind them with big signs as they're going door to door. Signs that say; "IS THERE A JW PEDOPHILE KNOCKING ON YOUR DOOR?" or; "JW PEDOPHILES KNOW WHERE YOUR CHILDREN LIVE". They may think twice about coming back to the neighborhood.


  • stephenw20

    My thoughts exactly.

    if the neighbors KNEW who was in the NEIGHBORHOOD they would complian to authorites....if you have public outcry...guess more ding dong

    less ding dong , less magazines, more litigation for the wtbts less cha-ching!$

    lets do it..can we develop a one page item with good up to date info...

  • happytobefree

    I like the idea of a flyer. We could put them on top of the WT and AWake in the laundry mats and seven eleven's. lol

    I really need to work on the flyer and give them to my neighbors. When I first moved into my community, I was an active JW. While gardening with my neighbor one day, the JW were getting out of their cars to start their preaching work. My neighbor says to me, "I have to let you go, I have to call the neighbors and warn them of that the JW are in the neighborhood. I gave her this appalled look, and said didn't you know I'm a JW. Her face was as red as a beet, and she walked away without saying a word......Well now, she is aware of my exodus from the JW and I receive the JW/Mormon alert call. So I think if we would have flyers to let the neighbors know of their intrusive record keeping, that would be priceless.

    And as you think about it, isn't disconcerting to think that people would keep records of this nature on you.

    Happy to be Free (Me)

  • TheApostleAK

    I think the way the whole SilentLambs thing at the moment is doing just fine. I think if you done this:

    <b>"Maybe a flyer could be printed up with info from websites, links to news articles, Silentlambs info, etc. Then we could follow the JW's, and "place" these flyers with the People they just visited."</b>

    It will only cause hassles just to the R&F (e.g. myself). You need the guys in Brooklyn to start taking notice and that will only happen if you publicise the whole SilentLambs thing in the national / international media etc. Doing things locally just won't make the Brooklyn element take notice.

  • stephenw20

    I respectfully disagree,

    if local efforts were successful , the community outcry would force court battles. WHO DO YOU THINK is going to pay for these court battles. Here in NJ, the police work in a peace diffuse the situation mode. If JWS are found to harbor criminals in the org, the rights of the public are being violated. The police will send them packing..and so on and so on.

    there are not enough WTBTS lawyers that could keep up with the local community so by default THEY LOSE.....


  • stephenw20


    its annoying to me to get people calling my house let alone walking aound my neighborhood taking notes.

    this is an aspect I am sure local officials would find abit disconcerting.


  • stephenw20

    this may help

    community forums form all over the US

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