What now?

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  • agent2863

    I understand that , Dark Clouds. I look for your post. No insult meant. see ya!

  • mommy

    I appreciate your concern. I have a personal relationship with God, that gives me great peace. I am glad that wasn't lost when I left the Org. Actually it is the main reason I left. And i do not find this in any church or kingdom hall. My sister on the other hand has left and has turned her back on religion completely. She is so turned off by her experience that she is willing to forsake God now. I understand and accept her views and try not to push my beliefs on her.
    Stephen I loved what you said about the sunset.
    Trevor I so enjoyed your point I want to repeat it here:

    I believe that we honour God by living our lives with Joy and helping others to do the same. Life was never meant to be sacrifice but was meant to be a pleasure

    Thank you!

  • thinker

    I hope I didn't offend you with my reply. I guess what I'm trying to say is that you are clearly making some assumptions that others here (myself included) may not agree with. For example, you seem to feel that the bible is the only book to base your life on. You read the part of Jesus' resurrection and accept it as fact. I would guess that you view the bible as "the word of God". I could go on, but it's clear to me that any discussion based on the bible eventually falls into interpretations and personal beliefs. Trevor made a good point about other religions which lead you to start defending your own personal beliefs. I'm glad you read and interpret the bible on your own. All I'm asking is that you consider that others may read the very same words and get a different meaning.
    I will add this: No matter what others may think of Jesus, I believe he was a great philosopher and had an excellent message. My favorite was the sermon on the mount.


  • agent2863

    Hi Thinker. Offend? no way dude. I appreciate your input. I'm learnin' from you guys. Thanks.

  • agent2863

    Hey Dark Clouds, I checked out your earlier posts like you suggested. Definitely gives me a better perspective.

  • dark clouds
    dark clouds


    no insult taken, just my opinion and you know the cliche on those right? anywho i love ths place, and i love a good discussion about anything that will broaden my perspective. . .


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