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  • agent2863

    Most of the people on this message board I've noticed are either ex-JW's or in the process. Good for you! It is sad to see all the hurt & pain & confusion that the Org has caused, and continues to cause. But I'm wondering, what now? Are you interested in knowing who God really is and the joy and freedom a personal relationship with Him can bring? I've read in some posts where any more bible study is the last thing you want. Understandable. I beleive I'd feel the same. But now that you know the lies & how they twisted scripture, maybe it's time to take a look at what 'they' warned you so much about. The reason that there is no joy among JW's is because they deny every basic teaching of real christianity that could bring you joy. Such as the person of the Holy Spirit. Jesus promised that He would be in you & you would experience "peace that passes understanding". I know alot of you are angry, & should be, but don't let the Org continue to rob you of knowing the true joy of a personal relationship with God.

  • stephenw20

    As with a troubled marriage many hesitate to leave for reasons of security and of being out there alone on your own.........

    wehn on realizes that they are always alone, but not totally that a connection is possible anytime withthe divine , then perspective I would say changes......

    on another thread , somone asked if one could BECOME a witness by reading the bible..........I would have to say in my own case the reverse was true...........by reading the bokks as a complete work opone by one the sens of them changes as to be more a comprehensive message, and you also get to see ho wmany times scripture is taken out of context , fo the purpose of the WTBTS.

    as to whats next.......if you believe in a higher power and that the most holys veil was rent, why do you need an organization to belong to.........when I am with my kids and we see a sunset or sunrise...we have worshipped!


  • joelbear

    I encourage people to start a new spiritual path. However, I myself am very wary of any individual or group that claims they have a "better way". I think Jesus had the best advice, Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Personal Bible study, great, personal reading and meditation on other religions, metaphysics, etc, fantastic.

    I personally think you become more spiritually strong be doing volunteer work that helps others or the world in general. I think volunteering is an exercise of our spiritual muscle.

    My personal belief is that god is literally love and I define love as that which motivates us to do for others with no benefit to ourselves.



  • Seven

    Hello agent and a belated welcome to the board. My painful association
    with the borganization can be described as one long exercise in joy deprivation. I am in no hurry to strap another oppressive monkey to my back without much investigation. I was born to fundie parents, so I know what you refer to with your comment of a "peace that passes understanding." I thought that's what I had while growing up. Who is God? Or is there a God? What is real and what is wishful thinking on our part? I've been researching the history, life and times of Jesus and this real christianity you speak of-leading to more and more questions. Until I find some definite answers I'm putting my hopes and beliefs in myself and the goodness I have found there.


  • agent2863

    Yeah, I can understand when you here someone say now "hey, look over here, I've got the truth", the warning bells are gonna go off,"yeah, right buddy!" For some, it'll just just take time. I don't belong to any organization. I'm just a christian. I go to an independant christian church, not part of any denomination. I would not say someone 'has' to come to my church to receive true knowledge. There are lot's of good bible preaching churches out there. But the organization told lot's of lies, like there's no heaven (unless your of the lucky 144,000), there's no hell, there's no satan. I suggest the Bible only. Learn about Jesus. See what 'He' says. I'm a screw-up. He's not. God loves you & He's waiting patiently to show you all He has for you. Trust Him.

  • thinker

    I've seen a wide range of reactions from ex-JW's. Everything from atheism to born-agains. I guess it's really a personal decision based on past experiences and current beliefs.
    Personally, I've never been a JW and I feel I DO have a personal relationship with God. However, you may view my relationship differently; because my views are rather unusual. Despite this, I have found others who have similar feelings.
    I am put off when others try to "interpret" scripture for me and want only their view to be acceptable.

  • JanH

    Thinker: can you please move your picture to a site that doesn't require a password?

    - Jan
    "Common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by age eighteen"
    -- Albert Einstein

  • ozziepost

    Good point stephenw20,

    Can anyone become a JW simply by reading the Bible? I think not.

    If they just had the Bible, how could they possibly arrive at 1914, 2 classes, even the two hopes?

    Only with the "aid" of the Witness literature would a person ever come to belief in the Witness doctrines.



  • agent2863

    Hi Thinker, I don't try to interpret for anybody & would never expect anyone to accept my view on eternity. Christ is very clear on the subject & doesn't need me to add to His words. I just try to point people in His direction, cause it's what He says that goes. "I am the way, the truth, & the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me." John 14:6.

  • waiting

    Hello agent,

    I think of leaving the WTBTS as being equivelent to getting a divorce. Whether you want it or not, it hurts and takes time.

    People keep asking me if I'll marry again. It's as if after you've had one car crash you want another. Stephanie Beecham

    I'll think I'll just read and think for a long time. Too much of my life has been living a mistake.


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