Should JW's and Gays Be Allowed To Adopt?

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  • jelly

    I think that anyone that can provide a loving and supportive environment for childred to grow up in should be allowed to adopt. I dont think race, religion, or sexual preference matter. Some of this might just be my prospective living out here in Cali where people are more open to things.

    As far as racism, it is getting better than it was and I think one day it will be eliminated. Just recently the census revealed that cali no longer has a majority. Whites of European decent only make up 49% of the pop. Latinos make up 33% African americans and asians make up the next two largest groups but it falls off significantly. As the population in america becomes more diverse racism will continue to fade, thats whats happened in cali and I think the pattern will continue throughout the rest of the USA.

    Jelly (Addressing two topics in one thread class)

  • BadAssociate

    this may come as a surprise jel but Cal aint the whole world


  • rollercoaster

    O.k. everybody, yes, JWs do adopt and sometimes it is a good experience for the child and the adoptive parents. I adopted Discombobulated girl. If you want to know the full story, let me know and I will E-mail you.
    The fact that she has been raised as a JW until now has its draw backs, but at the same time I think children adopted into any religion will someday find the backbone to get out if they don't like it. Yes getting out of a organization such as WTBTS can be a lot more difficult.


  • jelly

    Yes, but BA but the whole world should be like Cali.

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