Should JW's and Gays Be Allowed To Adopt?

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    Of course I'm close to the situation, but not so close that I don't see the attitudes I fight everyday. Most don't even see me when they are making such absurd comments, because they really think I'm stupid. And most are made about hispanics, because I work in the construction field.

    I don't want to debate the white elitism and yes there are cases of reverse racism, but please be real. Do you have to discuss with your children how to DRIVE BLACK. Have you been driving your family on your vacation, to be pulled over and asked to take all of your luggage out of the trunk for fucking dogs to sniff, then to be humiliated with the question of how can you afford to drive a particular car and even comments on the friggin luggage. (Well my husband is a drug dealer and I prostitue on the side is always my response to stupid questions as this).

    Or do you have to explain why you have an education (and not for people to assume you got through on a handout from the government) or a promotion because quotos. Or to go through life explaining how you are able to live in a certain area.

    So I will end this topic. Because I choose to see and live pass racism with love and education on my part.

    Happy to be Free (Me)

  • larc


    You said that you could count on one hand the number of blacks that would hinder a white person. How many do you know that used the work "Honkie". In the bar I went to for 15 years, I probably knew close to 200 people. I could count on one finger, not one hand, the number of white racists. The one I knew used the N word a lot, and got called on it repeatedly by the other whites. It took several months, but he finally stoped using racist language. Therefore, my evidence shown here and in my last post does not support you contention that racism is not equally shared in about the same percentages across races. Hate is an equal opportunity emotion.

    By the way, this bar had one gay man and one lesbian who were regulars. They were well accepted by the other regulars.

  • larc


    Did this vacation experience happen to you or is it one that you heard about? What part of the country did this occur? I know many years ago, that a northern license plate in the south could cause you problems. I know this as a white from personal experience. A white friend of mine had a serious problem in the south as well. Again, you are not alone in this.

  • Englishman

    Racism is something that I don`t come across very much, but, on the odd occasion that it has cropped up it has made me feel very ashamed of my fellow man.

    I doubt if there are a hundred black people living in WSM out of a population of around 80,000. In nearby Bristol there are whole areas where black people are in the majority.

    I must have been around 30 before I even met a black person, it was a lady that advertised bOOthsgin, the O's were part of a pair of specs she wore in the ad. I remember marvelling at the texture of her skin, it was like velvet to touch and a wonderful bronze/coffee colour.

    I think that isolating ourselves amongst only those who are the same colour as ourselves is intellectual suicide, let alone a step along the road of inbreeding!


  • BadAssociate

    just my opinion

    i think this whole "racism" issue is a load of politically correct BS.

    no one wants to admit they are racist coz it's unfashionable.

    the way i see it racism is more symptom than a cause.

    a symptom of the natural human inclination for bias or prejudice - and that bias or prejudice usually leans strongly toward the known and the familiar and strongly against the unknown and unfamiliar.

    both on individual and collective levels.

    i'm racist sure - I'm the first to admit it

    I have a favorable bias toward certain races and a less favorable one toward others

    (for possibly deeply ingrained and even unconcious reasons)

    same as I have a favorable bias toward a lot of things and a less favorable bias toward a lot of others

    bias cant exist without option or choice

    if you don’t want bias - take away option

    and make people robots

    it seems that is our biases which make us unique individuals

    and bias is somehow connected to option

    I'd rather live in a world that allows for bias than one that doesn’t

    it seems a more central viewpoint

    rather than than an extreme dichotomised one sided way of looking at things

    but I can only speak for myself

    I think I know why I'm racist

    I can see that this is probably an irrational bias within myself

    so I'm trying to close the gap between the two - still I'm not denying that a gap exists

    on this planet racism does exist between those of the same skin color

    whites hating whites
    blacks hating blacks
    asians hating asians
    brown hating brown
    middle eastern hating middle eastern
    hispanics hating hispanics

    minority groups have prejudices within their own minority groups

    and have since the year dot

    nations still collectively hate other nations

    I find it difficult to take any group or individual seriously who cries injustice over injustices they themselves are also guilty of

    if we all concentrated on cleaning up our own backyard it might solve a lot of these types of judgemental problems eg. racism IMHO

    my view is that all the fuss over the issue of racism

    is a real case of not seeing the forest for the trees

    which to me seems to be that humans are by nature biased /prejudiced

    I don’t know why - I'd say it's probably a survival mechanism

    that’s why I think this is all bullshit

    bacause on the one hand you get all this new age millenial crap about how advanced we are and liberal and learned from history and so on

    but nothing seems to have changed to much too me

    wars are still being fought today

    on the basis of some prejudice/bias or another

    same as they have been throughout history

    how can this be - as mankind is so liberal & and advanced & civilized now?

    yes I'm racist

    but I'm also not trying to view myself as being good or evil because of this

    or superior or inferior

    racism is just another bias I've got

    that’s all


    (sweeping generalisation class)

  • happytobefree


    Everything in my post I was relating to myself. And no I REALLY have not heard anyone say honkie, except George Jefferson on the fictional TV show the Jefferson. Yes I have heard the term cracker, redneck, nigger, spike (daily), you name them I have heard them and have thought and said them myself. The case of the police harassing my family, I called them everthing but a child of god and meant every word.

    And I REALLY WISH NOT TO DISCUSS THIS ISSUE FURTHER IN THIS topic, because we are off the topic, which is JW/Gay's adoption.

    Bad Associate,

    What you describe is not racism, it's predjudice. I feel we all are prejudice, being that we have preferences.

    Racism is where a person feel they're more superior than another race just because of their ethnic background. And America is a great example of where laws were made to specifically exclude a group of people or even their sexual preference.

    Yes I am predjucie. I'm more comfortable with people I can relate to and in my experience not because they are black (because I have two very very close friends - one is Bolivian and the other German). I have made predjudice judgements against blacks, indians, germans, asians, you name it. But I have never wanted to cause unnecessary harm to someone because of their ethnic background. So I totally agree with you post.

    And Englishman you are totally on the mark, when you say....

    ......but, on the odd occasion that it has cropped up it has made me feel very ashamed of my fellow man.

    Happy to be Free (Me)



  • BadAssociate
    What you describe is not racism, it's predjudice

    what i was trying to say is that i feel racism is but one example of an infinite number of human prejudice/bias's

    my theory is that the bias/prejudice arrives from feelings of fear rather than superiority

    usually fear of the unfamiliar and unknown

    of the alien

    anything unlike ourselves


    ps; sorry i posted a first draft and didnt bother trying to clarify too much as i knew this would occur as the thread continued

  • LDH

    Back on topic.

    There is a white couple (JW) in Upstate NY who have adopted not one, but two black children. Same birth mother.

    So to answer your question, yes JWs do adopt, but unless it's a rare case, I have a hard time seeing most JWs being able to foot the $25,000+ bill for an adoption.

  • BadAssociate

    thanks ldh

    ok guys - BACK OFF TOPIC


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