I'm not ready to exhale

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  • teejay

    Let's face it...

    The only reason the D.C. sniper was caught was because his pride--arrogance, really--got out of hand. He bragged about another cold-blooded killing that he had made a month ago. What his stupid ass didn't realize is that he gave a break to competent officials who were looking for ANY opening. If he had not done *that*, he would *still* be out there... doing what he's been doing for the past three weeks.

    Make no mistake: nearly every one of the very high level federal authorities willing to speak publicly on the subject realize that al-quaida is alive and well -- even here on American soil. So-called "sleeper cells" await cryptic orders from afar to "GO." The D.C. sniper, as sick as this might sound, did everything well... until hubris got the better of him and he did himself in. It would seem to me--if I was a mortal enemy of the U.S.--that KNOWN mortal enemies of the U.S. has taken note of the way this story has played out. They have tvs, too.

    Unlike the suspects that have been detained, there are those 'out there' who are not motivated by money or personal glory like the one (or two) suspects in custody. IOW, these ones are not only media savvy but they will not be tripped up by arrogance. Be certain that they have watched this case unfold right along with the rest of us. And learned.


    With this in mind, I think the media needs to shut the hell up.

    As much as we want to know, don't tell us how you figured things out... what you did. Don't tell us how you followed tips. Don't tip your hand. You did many things well, but you made mistakes, too... specifically telling your deadly adversary what you were doing to apprehend him (them).

    At the end of a news program tonight, a TV reporter said: "The nightmare is over."

    I hope he's right, but I doubt it. IMO, the dragon ain't dead... not by a longshot.

  • BeautifulGarbage

    It would seem to me--if I was a mortal enemy of the U.S.--that KNOWN mortal enemies of the U.S. has taken note of the way this story has played out. They have tvs, too.

    I saw Steve Emerson on C-span last week. He expressed almost the same thought. In short, even if it "wasn't" a terrorist, don't think they aren't taking notes on how little it takes to terrify millions of people.


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  • kenpodragon

    I agree that the media is as much to blame, take for example school shootings of the 1990's ...

    Before these started happening, no one really ever gave it any thought. Then with all the attention given it suddenly planted the solution into some sick minds, of what to do with bullies and those that mistreated them. Soon school shootings were common place, until the fire of media attention weakened on the subject.

    ... now with the sniper, do not be surprised to see copy cat killers. This happens all the time, and within a couple of months I am sure someone will step up to bat to try their hand at this as well. It is not like they will need to plan it out in much detail. The media will give them a "how to manual" on the news at eleven.

    My thought


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  • JT
    I saw Steve Emerson on C-span last week. He expressed almost the same thought. In short, even if it "wasn't" a terrorist, don't think they aren't taking notes on how little it takes to terrify millions of people

    i agree 100% a group of us were talking about the same thing One guy with One gun brought the entire city and surrounding areas of dc to it's knees, can you imagine if the tip 25 cites in the USA had thier own sniper at the same time.

    the USA mindset is not prepared for what will take place, i can't imagine what would happen the day after thanksgiving the biggest shopping day if shoppers were greeted with 10-15 Mall that are hit with sucide bombers at the same time the Malls across america would be empty.

    i was talking to a jewish guy who travels back and forth to isreal and he almost laughed (in a sense) at how the americans react to such little killings as it were not to make light of anyone who lost thier life, but it is interesting to imagine if more folks were involved how the ecomony would be afftect

    a Comfort Inn here lost over $80,000 in cancelations- lots of schools come to DC they all backed at this hotel,

    it will be interesting to see,

  • outoftheorg

    I am afraid that you are right TeeJay.

    I have been thinking along those same lines as I watched this thing unfold. It is obvious that the U.S.is not at all ready to handle such things as this if done on a large scale.

    I would not have been surprised in the least to learn that this shooter was an Al Quaida operative. I am afraid that we are in for a long haul of this and other types of murderous actions in the near future. The U.S. is going to have to take a lesson from the Israelis on this subject.

    I am glad I live in a small unimportant little town that would be of no large emotional importance to the likes of a terrorist.

    You are correct in saying that the media needs to shut up and also stop trying to get all the little details from the police. Also the law enforcement agencies need to keep their mouths shut and keep the source of an arrest quiet. If they had not revealed the connection to the alabama shooting it would have left the ones watching this, less information and more questions and doubts about doing something similar.

    Well TeeJay keep your head down and expect the unexpected.


  • wednesday

    I wondered too, how someone smart enough to do what the snipper did without being caught could fall for the oldest trick in the book-appeal to his vanity. But he was an american-i know they said he converted to islam but still american. The terriorists of 9/11 don't seem so swayed by vanity. Theirs is a religious cause, and they are willing to die for it. it's hard to beat someone who is willing to die for a belief. like trying to reason with a JW about taking blood when their life is at stake. They just dig their heels in. Their death has become holy.

    I know there has been a lot of talk about racial profiling and all. But i tell u, my first therapist was from Iran and he openly told me that the islamic people were a violent people. He said he still beleived in allyuah(ex my spelling) but he would have no part in their religion due to its violence. This man had escaped Iran during the shaw's rule. He was the kindest , most gentle person i have ever known.

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  • DJ

    I've had this same thought since 91 when we bombed Iraq. It never made any sense to me to broadcast on an international news channel what our intentions were. I always felt sort of embarassed to be an American. Our free speech and free press laws sometimes are used incorrectly, imo. We seem to dump all common sense out the window whenever it comes to a choice between having the right to speak and when it is wise to speak. I especially love when the retired army guys are interviewed and they answer strategical questions. I've had a picture in my head of some Iraqi's being on 24 hr. CNN monitor duty just to learn what were up to. I just don't get it. Sometimes, I try to comfort myself by thinking that the government and law officials must only let out information once it is rendered useless by our enemies.......but i'm afraid that I'm wrong and we really are a country of loud mouthed rating seekers with no common sense! Thanks for letting me vent...sheeesh...this has been bugging me for a decade! Love, Dj

  • NewLight2

    They keep implying that there is not a connection to any outside group, that they acted alone. BUT I remember that is what they said about the "Shoe Bomber", Richard Reed, too. Then they found the Al-quada links that Reed was involved in. I hope these two snipers are NOT later found to have links as well. I would hate to think of an organized major effort in several cities at the same time.

  • benext

    Unfortunately, the media is in business. Business as in sell papers, larger ratings make MONEY etc. The only way to get them to stop is to not buy the papers, magazines or watch so called news "specials" that sensationalize tragic happenings. It was always irritating for me to see some reporter try to show how lax security is at an airport, bridge, etc. While terrorists are trained killers, some sick mind seeking attention may look at this as an opportunity to get his 15 minutes of fame.

  • Granny Linda
    Granny Linda

    Yeap, world peace/love and all that happy horsehockey, eh. Take lessons from Israel...who strap a weapon on their youth, females included, and teach them how to defend "their own" ...unlike American's that will continue giving up 'weapons' because govenment will make it safe blahblahblah.

    I think this country is in for a, shall we say, "rude awakening" from the slumber of passiveness and conformity to the dictates of men who thrive $$$$ off of the war machine; yet want the citizens of this country unarmed.


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