was this place scary the first time?

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  • butalbee

    It's always scary the first time...

    I needed advice, and I had no where to turn, nobody to talk to about my 'unique' situation, thanks to the world wide web, and my buddy that bulter Jeeves for finding this place.

    I asked Questions, I got answers, and had a lot fun along the way.

  • butalbee

    And now my next question is how do I make my little smiley guy move? He is GIF? And he's so little.

    <---------------------------------Move little smiley guy.

  • Joyzabel

    Scared? he$$ yes. Even though it was close to a year ago the first time I posted, I was nervous as can be the first time I posted. And what I read sometimes shocked me, but I even got over that.

    This place is great. A true life saver at times to help people deprogram from a mind control group. It's great to connect with people of like experiences.

    So I all I can say to newbies and those lurking, is stick around, you will be surprised at what you learn and the friends you may develop. They will be true friends and not just mindless drones.


  • wednesday

    When i first found this place i was very afraid. But i began reading the stories and noticed so many were just like me. i actually arrived here through SilentLambs. I began posting fairly quicly. I think one of my first posts was about "are u still bothered by demons?" i got a big response and the general tone to the thread was many seemed to be worried about my mental health. now i found that odd, as one of the huge teachings in JW are about demons. So i was a little taken back to viewed as nuts for beleiving in them. But i got over it, and received some support via e-mail from others who had similar experiences. I intensly dislike the foul bad mouthing of people. But i have been on discussion boards before, and this one is pretty tame all things considered.

    My biggest worry is who is watching these boards. I know some jw do and they do have a list of e-mail addys of known apostates. I worry about my privavy somewhat. but i also see simon does as much as he can to make this a safe place so i continue to post. I am very impressed with the skill of some posters ....myself, I can barely type myself(LOL)

  • jws

    There was no WWW when I became "apostate". I wish there was. There is so much information available now. I had been lucky to stumble upon a lead to further information when I ordered COC and other pamphlets. That was a big step.

    Since the WWW, I've seen other JW boards, but I like the way this one is organized, keeping topics seperated, not one big list that takes forever to load. I also like the seperation of discussion topics. Let the people who want to debate scriptures back and forth go to that area. And I like the anonymity because I do have JW family.

    I also like the people on this board. This board stays relatively out of the serious doctrinal discussions and shares personal experiences. I am thrilled to hear so many experiences and to know that my feelings weren't unique to me. I now wonder whether all the JWs I knew growing up were all thinking the same things I were.

    This board is very comfortable and very easy to fit right in.

    Although I've never met any of you and don't agree with all of your viewpoints, I find you all fit the description of "brothers and sisters" better than any of the JWs I ever knew.

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