Letter read at Supplimentary Elder's School

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  • chester

    JT Said,

    It would have been best then to have not attached a letterhead, etc as if it were an exact copy. Instead it's simply notes, albeit very full notes, taken at a meeting. agreed-
    one of the things about the net and folks here on the DB it matters not who one is whether it is a former jw or current jw you will be asked to verify what one says you can't just throw stuff up here on the board and it will be accepted, it would have been better it it was noted that this is a summation instead of THIS IS THE LETTER. There has never been in my opinion any need for former jw to embellish things about wt, the wt has enough stuff in print and their own paper trail to hang themselves over many times. JUST THE FACTS .

    Hey JT,

    I could not read your post so I took the liberty of editing it for you.

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