You same people are always here?

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  • breeze

    What do all you people do??

    I come to this site and you guys are always here..reassuring I suppose, but still

    Are you doing this at work??

    Maybe the time difference is part of it? Most seemed to be in the States? What do you do for living if anything, that is my goal, complete utterly nothing retirement?

    I am a salesman, and work in a wholesale environment for about thirty five years.

    So, I work in my office about once a week and that gives me time to get into this site some?


  • johnathanseagull

    Hi breeze..........yeah at work and lucky enough to be able to wack the laptop down a phone line and get on here, currently in Perth, Scotland for a couple of weeks........what do I do LOL, I seem to walk around with a piece of paper in my hand and a furrowed brow, seems to work, no one ever comes and ask me to do something !!!!

    J Gull

  • Shakita

    Hi breeze:

    I am here because I don't want to go downstairs into the basement and do the mountain of laundry that is waiting for me!!!! I work OUTSIDE THE HOME at night, and one day every other week. This seems to work for me because I still have kids in school that get sick, have days off of school, have half days, etc....doesn't pay to hire a sitter. So I work at night for now. Leaves me time to come here and improve on my typing skills!

    Gotta love this place,

    Mrs. Shakita

  • Englishman


    Got my own little business. I fit double glazed PVCu (the small "u" is correct) windows. there's a big demand for them in Weston-super-Mare as many of the houses are from Queen Victoria's era and need re-furbishment.

    I start work at 8 and finsh around 2 or 3 in the afternoon. The reason that I finish early is because most of my work involves ladders, and that is a tiring activity which drains your reserves more quickly than normal physical work.

    So, around this time of day, I spend an hour on the net, check out to see what I have done to offend a certain beetle , and generally chill my tootsies.

    Her Ladyship rolls home around 5.30, so it also gives me ample time to concoct a tasty dish for us both. It's a life that I enjoy hugely and I wouldn't change a thing.


  • Windchaser

    Hi, Sweetie. I work in pr at a community college. I usually post on breaks or at night/early morning.

    Isn't it great here? I feel I've met some really nice people and I'm glad that they can post as often as they do.

  • Englishman

    PS: Anyone (not UK'ers) who knows what the small "u" stands for wins an invite to next years barbie.


  • larc

    I am enjoying the bliss of retirement, so you may find me here at all times of the day and night. Englishman, I know what the "u" means for windows in the States. Does that mean you will ship me and my wife to the UK next year? We can hitch a ride on a frieghter to save on shipping costs.

  • shera

    Yep,I work as well.I take some me time and sit on my butt and relax.This is one thing I enjoy doing...

  • Englishman


    Regretfully I am unable to offer a package holiday although accomodation is now a probabilty since the boys left home!

    Be interested to see your thoughts on the u.


  • patio34

    Hi Breeze,

    Yes, I work too. And I don't access the board during work as a rule. But do spend a bit of time in the evening to see what's going on.


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