You know you're a mom when

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  • LyinEyes

    You know you are my girl , Beck. Yeah my kids call me mama, most of the time

    Weird the things us southern usa, folks say. My oldest son, used to call me joking when he was 3, mother face mother??? Don't know to this day where he got that. Youngest son, calls me Peach at times he wants to cuddle, he thinks I smell like a peach. My daugher calls me in a sarcasstic tone,,, MO THERRRR!! God she is 9 and has PMS already.

    Here are some other names for mothers around here: Mom, mommie, ma's , lots of variations. I have know some that call their mothers My dear, but run it together when it comes out sounding like this, madia, southern drawl there. My motherinlaw's grandmother was called My Minnie, her name was minnie, but everyone called her that.

    Grandparents have special names here too: Granddaddy, gramps, grandpa, grandpappy, Pappaw( my kids use this one) , Pop. Poppa. Granny, grandma , nana, nanny, mimi, ma mo, mammaw, so many, my oldest used to call his granny, mammoo....... go figure. But most of these are made up by one of the first of the grandchildren and it sticks, and the rest keep calling them that too. It is precious. I call my kids pappaw , Pappaw half the time too. LOL.

    Oh , Tat,,,,,,,,, I bet my kids can beat your kids on antics........hehhehe. Of course they were not funny then but some are now, some still piss me off.

    Youngest son, set the couch on fire, peed in the gas heater, it stunk up the whole house, called 911 10 times, also did the closet olympics, tortured the dog, put a dress on the cat, etc, etc.

    The worst thing my kids did, was put each other in the dryer and turn it on....... no lie, they were so grounded when they admitted who did what . It scared the living life out of me, i talked to them about what could have happened. They were so sick of me talking for so long, I don't think they will do it again, for fear of the hour lecture. Scarey. Gives me the creeps thinking of it.

    I think I am raising pyscho's here.

  • Angharad

    LOL these are great and so true!

    You hope ketchup is a vegetable because it's the only one your child eats.

    Dylan wants ketchup with EVERYTHING and not just a dab - he sits there making sure he has got as much as he can on each bite.

    You hide in the bathroom to be alone.

    Done that

    You child throws up, and you catch it.

    A natural motherly skill, also as Beck says saves the carpet!

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  • mamashel


    I love it. I'm going to print this one out and put it on the frig. I needed that laugh!

    mamashel (mother of 6, grandma of 2)


  • Shakita

    I just had to look through my kids baby clothes to want another one. I just love babies! Had four myself. Of course, I had some help! Sometimes I really miss those great times. When you get older, you look back on all of the above mentioned inconveniences with great love and cherish those memories for a lifetime. Can't wait to have some grandchildren to love and spoil! (Hear that Ashi! No pressure though! I can wait.....say............nine months?!?)

    Mrs. Shakita(a soon to be---hopefully really soon--no pressure, really, Grandma)

  • ashitaka

    LOL @ the list and @ Shakita.

    as in, hardy-har-har. NO kids for this beer guzzler.


  • Shakita

    Ah, come on Ashi, it was just a joke. But in the meantime, I will start thinking up some nice Grandma names, like......Nana, Grammy, I really don't like granny, sounds too old, I heard MeMom before, um.......remember Dad's Mom used to be called Gobby?, don't like that too much. I think I like Grandma best. So, I can look forward to being called Grandma real soon, right?

    Just kidding, love you,


  • LyinEyes

    How sweet Shakita and Ash............ what a blessing for both of you when that day comes. Not to rush anyone lol.........

    I will never forget my mom, she is the age I am now, and I was 18 just married and she wanted a grandbaby so bad. She begged me to hurry up and have her a grandson. Since she had only had two girls, she wanted a boy, but had to have a complete hysterectomy at 21 yrs old.

    I told mom, no I am not ready for a baby, so she said our dog, Clyde, a german shephard would just have to do until I gave her a grandbaby. We did treat our pup like a baby, he went everywhere with us, and she did "babysit" our dog for us.

    My mom died before she got to see her first grandchild, and it was a boy. Now that grandbaby boy of hers is almost a man. I hope she can see him , my beautiful daughter and my other handsome son.

    When I had all of my babies, I really wanted my mama there. So, I hope you two, lol , when the time comes,,,,,, can have a blast, babyshowers, booties, video, and the best labor coach in the world.

    It just warmed my heart the way you two talked about this, brought back a very special memory.

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