The world according to the United States

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  • Mackin
  • IslandWoman

    Hi Mackin,

    And your point?

    That is a very accurate map of the world as it exists today. I am for a limited U.S. isolationist policy, in my view, let the world take care of itself and we should take care of us.


  • patio34

    ha ha .

  • nilfun
    Here there be dragons


  • Beck_Melbourne

    Hey Mackin, where be we???? I can't see aussie and NZ...where they be at??? LOL


    ps...ahhh..i just saw it...LOL@Xena

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  • Stephanus

    There's a bit of a cringe factor out there in the rest of the world. The US is the biggest and the best and content to relax behind its borders, knowing this. The rest of us jump up and down, stamping our feet and saying "Lookit me! Lookit me!" Let's just say there's no better way to be hated than to be successful.

  • Satanus

    Since about the 50's, the US has either suppressed (if it competed w US interests) or co-opted all of the best of canada. It has resulted in a feeling of uncertainty, generally, IMO.


  • Farkel


    That is how some folks see America. But America is more than the politicians the rest of the world love-to-hate. We are a hodge-podge of all of the world's best and worst.

    We are not so easily categorized by those who think we can be.

    We have championed those tossed away by the rest of the world and we have nurtered and also harrassed those castaways, and those castaways have become some our best citizens and even some of our best leaders.

    How does New Zealand deal with castaways who seek help and shelter on your shores? Do you nurture them, help them, and do what you can to help them make a new life?

    How many castaways does Germany accept? France? Italy? Australia these days? Mexico? England? Or the Vikings beloved Norway who love to hate 'Merika?

    America is the greatest country on this planet because we deserve it. We've done something magical that is unique in all this world, and those whose own countries haven't done what we've done take pot-shots at us. Fine. Take all the pot-shots you want, and when your country is threatened by another Kaiser Wilhelm, Hitler, Yamamoto or Tojo, Ho Chi Minh, Gorbachev, Taliban, or Sadaam Hussein, we Americans will be there to help you out, rebuild your Country and then give it back to you. Most of the time we present a bill for our services and most of the time those countries we help don't bother to pay it. Then they later forget we helped them and yak at how "bad" and "imperialistic" we are. Idiots.

    Such things as this are unprecedented in all the history of the world. The Marshall Plan was the greatest thing that ever happened in Europe and the proof is in the results: Germany is one of our best allies and the second-biggest economic engine in the world, yet it was Germany who declared war on US in WWII. Children in schools should learn these things.

    Only losers take pot-shots at winners. America HAS lost some of its glory, but there is so much more glory to give that it's going to be a while before we lose enough to make us insignificant.

    So PISS ALL OVER US you other countries. When you are in need, we all know you will come to us for help. And we will be there, with your piss on our faces and all. And we will fight and die to preserve your country and culture. For YOU. And because it is the right thing to do.


  • Beck_Melbourne

    *yawn*'s a funny joke for ya, since we are in the jokes section after all:

    A samoan boy, a palagi boy and a Maori boy were all in class and the teacher told her class that for homework they had to come up with a sentence with the word - P.K... as in P.K chewing gum. So the next day in
    class, the teacher told them to get their homework out.

    She asked, "Now who would like to go first?"

    The palagi boy put his hand up first and said, "Me Miss, I'll go first!"

    So the teacher says "Ok whats your sentence?"

    The palagi says..."One day when I went shopping with my mum she let me buy a packet of P.K."

    The Teacher says "Oh very good! Who's up next?"

    So the Maori boy puts his hand up and says "OOh, Miss I have my sentence."

    And the teacher said "Ok, go on read it"

    So the Maori boy starts reading his sentence, "One day I was playing with
    my friends andwe decided we would eat a whole packet of P.K."

    The teacher says, "Oh well done!"

    Then she asked who was next and the samoan boy puts his hand up and says "Oh pleash mish, gan I red my shendence??"

    The teacher says "Sure, read your one"

    The samoan boy started reading out his sentence and says "One tays... I wash walging town da stret and shaw tu kies holding hands town da stret, and I fought to myshelf...Oh...dey muss PEE-KAY!!


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  • Mackin

    Lighten up you people. This is a JOKE...get it, A JOKE. Just have a laugh and stop taking yourselves so damn seriously.

    Bloody hell.


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