Did anyone really ever study?

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  • freedom96

    I know we were taught to study all the WTS stuff. Prepare for each meeting, prepare for service, (gotta know the articles) etc. I mean with all the personal study to do, how could anyone have time for newspapers, novels etc. If we were doing our "all" for Jehovah, we had to do study constantly.

    I never did. Not on my own. I think I recall there being a small group "get-together" that I was invited to once or twice where it was attempted, but really......... going to the meetings was bad enough.

    So did anyone here actually really study like we were supposed to?

  • Satanus

    I spent many years doing my best w the studying, researching and understanding everything. The reason i didn't see through it sooner was because of the mind control the wt taught, along w their material.


  • jws

    If I did any real studying, I would have left a lot sooner. :)

    I varied. At times, I'd be caught up and read all the watchtowers, awakes, book study assignments, and OKMs. It was mind-numbing and it was a lot of work. I'm no speed-reader as it is. But it didn't leave time for other things.

    At other times, I had no prep whatsoever. Didn't matter. I could still put on a good game-face. You can still comment even if you just read the material and question right then and there. It wasn't rocket science.


  • onacruse

    OH yeah, did I ever study. Read every old pub I could get my hands on, all the volumes back to the day I was born, researched in Hebrew, Latin and Greek...sheesh.

    But, like SaintSatan said, I was blind, though I thought I could see.


  • Brandy5

    I have to admit that I did study for all the meetings. sheesh....i even read most of the WT & Awake articles.......I even read the daily text....... No wonder my poor brain was so well washed with their crap.


  • scootergirl

    I DID! I was a study whore! Studied non-stop.......just a highlighting bitch! Every margin was filled w/trivial knowledge that I researched. Blahhhh........yuck. Glad things have changed.

  • Mulan

    I studied for most meetings. I had four kids over time, and still fit it in. I was very scheduled. Over scheduled I guess. I admit I didn't get the magazines all read. When I was pioneering, I got the tapes, and trained myself to listen to them, so got them done that way. I saved the tapes too. A few years ago, we dumped everything.

  • Francois

    Are you kidding? The only thing I ever studied was how to separate sister X from her panties.


  • Windchaser

    Hahahahaha, Francois, you bad boy!

    I studied in spurts (excuse the pun).

  • Francois

    I like your pun. It's so spot on.


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