Which meeting was the worst?

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  • Francois

    I truly can't decide, so I'll step right up and say - they ALL were the worst.

    On Sunday the public talk and WT study were the worst places in the world to be.

    On Tuesday night, the book study was the worst place in the world to be.

    On Thursday night, the service meeting was the worst place in the world to be.

    On Saturday, being out in service anywhere was the worst place to be.

    See, they were ALL the worst.


  • LB

    ok TR I loved the assemblies. I learned how it worked early on. You stick around for the morning or close enough and then tell your buddies that you're going to sit by some friends on the other side. You go over there and tell them you're going to sit by some friends on the other side. Now you're covered.

    Then you go to the casino and hit the slots. Or water slides, or buffet, then you meet up with your friends at dinner and try to out spiritual them with comments on how uplifting and encouraging the days activities were. How you are now thinking about pioneering.

  • blondie

    I hate the public talk the worst, because you never know what unqualified clown you are getting. At least with the book study, school, service meeting and WT study, you are given some advance warning of what slop, whoops, crap, whoops, spiritual food you will be served. I usually just read the next chapter in my Bible reading/research program using a non-JW Bible about the same size/color (black) as the NWT. It looks like I am following along sort of. If anyone questions me about looking up a scripture when no one else, I just say I am checking a cross reference.

    There is always "Bullshit Bingo"(c). Who holds the patent on that VeniceT or Mulan?

  • betweenworlds

    I by far hated Thursday night the worst. Two stinkin' hours that you had to endure after a long day at school or work, and God forbid I had a talk on the school, this would throw me into apoplexy from the time I was handed the slip until I had to get up on stage.

    Except for written review night. That Thursday night was ok, no one talked and you didn't have to listen to any drivel for a half an hour! An excellent time to doodle :)


  • Brandy5

    I hated the thursday night school the worse. If I had to give one of those stupid five minute presentation things I just hated it. I did not like being the house holder either. But all five were so boring that's why it's called the borg. Wish I would have gotten a clue a lot sooner. sheesh......


  • Valis

    The one where they had the local needs talk that pointed out things like skateboarding and the "demonic" artwork associated with it could be the cause of the rebelliousness witnessed by many in the congo and that "someone" had been skating and leaving marks all over the KH parking lot. Seeing that my friend David and I were the only skaters in the congo it was rather obvious they were referring to us...embarrassing to say the least, not to mention the "loving counsel" I recieved when we got home..


    District Overbeer

  • jws

    Hard to say.

    Hated the Theocratic Ministry School when I had to give a talk. Absolutely dreaded it. When that time came, no meeting could have been worse. When I wasn't on it, it wasn't bad.

    The Service meeting was sometimes enjoyable. At least some of the sketches broke the monotony. Some people would even try to be funny. And there were always the local needs parts where you kind of got an "in" to the gossip and got some feeling to what was going on.

    Otherwise, Sunday meetings were the worse. And that was the Public Talk and Watchtower study. It was a weekend. Sitting around in a suit, going through that boring question/answer format was one of the worst things to endure on a weekend when you could have been doing anything else.

    Public talks weren't so bad. At least it was about an hour with one person talking and a semi-consistant theme.

    I guess no matter what meeting it was, I was usually daydreaming or trying to sneak something else to do (read a book, etc.). So in that sense, the questions meetings were worse because there was pressure from my parents to make a comment so I couldn't totally zone-out.


  • DanTheMan

    The Memorial!!!! God that meeting was so weird. You'd be sitting at a seat along the side wall of the auditorium. They pass the plate with the bread to you, you hold it for a second, and then pass it back. It cracked me up, it was so silly. What the hell was the point? The elders making their long prayers about what an important sales pitch solemn occasion it was, the uncomfortable silence while the emblems were being passed around (made even worse by corny kingdumb smellodies being played over the PA), seeing all the unbelieving mates and once-a-year dubs, the occasional annointed one who partakes (you know, Sister Prozac) My last couple of years in I had to drag myself to it.

    If I ever make a post saying I'm going back to the borg, just say "Dan, this means that you'll have to attend the MEMORIAL!!!"

  • Angharad

    Got to be the Watchtower - did anyone else just feel a little relieved on the odd occasion that it was only 18 paragraphs instead of the 20 - 21.

    The last paragraph was most painful - about 4 or 5 lines longs saying what we will studying in the next article . Question - what will we be studying in the next article. DUHUH

    And I was always starving because we always got up to late for breakfast and it would be getting toward dinner time.

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  • KD

    I actually enjoyed the Sunday morning talks myself. I even looked forward to going to the assemblies now that I think of it. But I think the w.t. was the worst of all. It was so boring sitting through all those stupid comments. I remember it being told to me that the society would always throw in an "odd ball" word each week just so the jw's could increase their vocabulary. What got me was the fact that some people in my old congragation used to use these words as they spoke at the door to try and impress everyone! Hell, they never impressed me.

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