Frustrated and Lonely in Las Vegas

by gilwarrior 19 Replies latest jw experiences

  • gumby

    I have tried to go to clubs (I love to dance), but I just can't go alone. I don't get it. It's driving me nuts!

    Well don't feel bad about not wanting to go alone. I would be the same way if not married.....even though I'm extroverted. I can't do things or go places alone. I would say first.......get a buddy to pal around with. There must be some X-dubbers around there

    I am surprised there are no jobs as Vegas was one of the top city's in the US for quickest growth and economy. Perhaps if you were in a TRADE this would help. What can you do experience wise?

    As for the Sex thing.......carry around a picture of an obese woman in tight sweats with a butch haircut and look at it regularly, will help.

    Good Luck dude...Gumby

  • target

    Las Vegs has the same situation as here in Phoenix. They have a bountiful cheap labor source from south of the border. Unless you have a tradesman job, it is hard to find a job that pays anything. Try Home Depot. See if there is a distribution center for Target or Walmart around there. Check out the home builders and see if they need any runners. A big home builder there was just bought out by Meritage Corporation and they pay their runners $9 to run paper work from job site to job site. Once you get a job, start thinking about some schooling to get a tradesman job.


  • gilwarrior

    Good news guys. There has been a small ray of light at the end of the tunnel. Just a while ago I went to play poker and after playing for thirty minutes, I won nine dollars. Yes, I know it is very little, but at least I won instead of losing.

  • Valis

    Hey Gil...good to see you again! Perhaps you should get ahold of rekless and see if he might know of some work for you. His email can be found in his profile. BTW if you are real nice you might his wife desertflower to make you some yummy lasagna..*sighs and remembers*. Just a thought.


    District Overbeer of the "Viva Las Vegas" Class

  • Jesika

    i wish i woulda known you were in Vegas, I just left vegas friday. I was there Wed-Fri. Sorry I missed a chance to meet you.



  • Dismembered


    Next time it may be better to wait until you find another job before capriciously walking out on the one you have.

    Las Vegas has lots of people. Try starting your own business.


  • LB

    All right Gil I'm going to bust your butt a bit here. First of all, you aren't going to find any work watching movies or gambling. And gambling? They built those huge casinos off players like you gil. What are you thinking? There are a ton of businesses in Vegas. Construction is always busy. Have you hit all the unions? Have you gone to construction sites themselves and asked around?

    You don't need to know a soul to find work in Vegas. You just need to get out and pound the pavement. If they say no to you it's just no, not never. I myself have hired people that came around every 3 or 4 days. They hounded me so much for a job I couldn't keep saying no. Sure you might piss off a couple of employers but who gives a crap, they weren't hiring you anyway. But you'll impress many others and that's what you need to do.

    Get out of the movies and casinos. Get a job.

  • gilwarrior

    You are right LB!

  • ITguy

    Not to butt in, but it's not always smart to quit a job without having another lined up.

  • Iwasyoungonce


    I have been thinking about you all night. Consider getting some help. YOU have to want to get help. But, first you have to want to want to. Here is a link The phone number in Vagas is 702-385-7732. There is enough sensless violence in the world; Don't add to it. If you carry out your disire to hurt someone you will not feel like or be a man. To be a man know that you have the physical power, and with your size you do; Decide not to use it. You see then you have power, you have control over you. True strength is internal not external. You can hurt someone. So what? We all can. If you choose NOT to use that power that is when you are in contol of you. As soon as you use your strength to hurt someone I can just about guarentee you that the commonwealth can put you in a place where you are 100% powerless and have no control over you. Please don't hurt anyone. ((((Please!))) I take what you say very seriously. I have no idea what has happened in your life to find you where you are.
    I only know that we are here right now. There are places that you can go for help. Relgious and not. Almost all churches will take you under their wings. And a real one will ask for nothing in return. I was once told that "When you have had it with this life. When you are ready to end your life or someone elses. STOP! Lock up your front door go across the railroad tracks and help someone." It is the best cure for lonelyness.

    Love to you Gil. Take care of yourself. Want to want to get the help. Do it today.


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