Frustrated and Lonely in Las Vegas

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  • gilwarrior

    Hello everyone. After spending sometime in self imposed exile I am back! Anyway, I have been living in Las Vegas for about a month and a half. So far I have had my ups and downs. Right now, I am at a low point, but hopefully things will get better. I had a job as a courier for a company. It was a cool job. Spent my whole day in my truck, picking up packages and papers and sending them from one place to another. However, the pay was only average and I had to use my own truck, which ment I was putting a lot of wear and tear on it. Anyway, I quit the job, but I am beginning to feel like it was a mistake. It has been almost two weeks and I haven't gotten anything yet. I has put in applications at several companys, gone to three casino, and I applied at two cab companies. So far, nothing! I even put in an application the local newspaper to see if I could make some extra money delivering newspapers to casino, home, apartments, businesses, etc. So far I haven't been contacted! I must have applied to 20 PLACES and nothing! God, this sucks! I think I should have kept my courier job. It wasn't much pay, but at least was making something. Also, I haven't made any new friends. That's not much of a shocker, since I am the most introverted person in the world and I wouldn't have the slightest clue on how to meet someone. I have tried to go to clubs (I love to dance), but I just can't go alone. I don't get it. It's driving me nuts! I REALLY WANT THAT CAB JOB, but the guy there told me that it was hard to get in and he will only call a few people. As for a casino? The competition is so fierce it is almost impossible unless you have some kind of connection. I guess I will apply to place after place, hoping that lighting will strike some day. Anyway, I just had to vent. Hopefully things will get better. Bye.

  • bitter mango
    bitter mango

    hey gil. sorry things aren't going well. try tp keep your head high. things WILL get better in time.

  • heathen

    I thought vegas would be a cool place myself .I did check the web for jobs there and you can send resumes over the web but I really didn't see much either .You could always try an elvis gig which was part of my plan as well .

  • jurs

    Hi Gil,

    Things will get better. hang in there.


  • LB

    Sorry about the hard times Gil. Keep knocking on doors. You have to sell yourself.

  • joannadandy


    Hang in there Gil. It's hard now, but once you get a job things will pick up. You'll have some cool co-workers to go party with, who will introduce you to their hottie sisters, and you will be all hooked up!

    In the mean time you can hang out with us. We're all losers, that in and of it self should perk you're better than us! hahaha~

  • SPAZnik


    from one introvert to anutha.


  • Farkel

    Las Vegas is the ugliest, most corrupt and disgusting city I've ever seen. Get the hell out of there, I say.


  • bikerchic

    awwwwww ((((gil)))) don't listen to Farkel!

    Viva Las Vegas!!! Hang in there, try Hard Rock Cafe waiting tables, tips ya know.

    bc (likes HRC)

  • gilwarrior

    Hello everyone. Thank you all for your words of wisdom. I seriously considered moving back to Houston, but I have decided to stick it out. I am not going to be a quitter like I have in the past. I am sure the more jobs I apply to, the closer I will get to the job that I will get!

    In the meantime I go to the movie just about everyday. I got a library card and I have read several books, including "Blood on the Alter" written by and exJW. I also surf the net and listen to the radio.

    One thing that I have noticed is that my sex drive has gone out of control. This is bad, since I don't have anyone right now. Considering I am in Vegas this is really bad. I go to the casino and see all these hotties in their short skirts and F*** me heels, ugh! I can't take it!

    Any-who, I have to go and look at the newspaper for more jobs. Bye.

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