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  • stichione

    This is fantastic. With the diffusion of the internet and the Dubs surfing, doing research and visiting sites such as this one and many others, they will finally see the "truth" and come to the conclusion that at best the WTS in not any better than other religions, and at worst that this religion is a waste of time and an apostasy from true Christianity.

  • RevMalk

    Cool, maybe they should all follow their lead.

    A knaves religion is always the rottenest thing about him." John Ruskin, 19th-century British critic and author

  • minimus

    Were all Sunday meetings cancelled because of this problem? It doesn't seem reasonable that this was the reason.

  • nancee park
    nancee park

    I just thought that Pat Garza saying Ted Jarasc of the Governing Body over Jehovah's Witnesses is guilty of child molestation could have caused a lot of people to quit, but the U.N. liason for 10 years, the overall pedophilia coverup as revealed on Dateline NBC etc could also do it. There's no reason to doubt that.

  • nilfun

    Add'l a well know elder was disfellowshipped for apostacey. Almost his entire bookstudy has stopped going to meetings,

    nilfun, who would have LOVED to be a fly on the wall at THAT "bookstudy"!

  • abbagail

    I wondered the same as Nancee, that possibly those JWs around the NY area may have heard more about the March (via the newscasts on the local channels that night) than other JWs around the country...

    But then again, if that many were DF'd or left, maybe it was "brewing" for a longer period of time. Either way, highly intriguing. I never heard of such a thing as FOUR congs going "ka-put" all together, and surely never heard of Sunday meetings being "shut down." My Oh My! What's the JW-World Coming To?

    Thanks for the scoop, Hamptonite. Please do keep us informed.


  • hamptonite21


    It would not be unlikely that a sunday meeting would be cancelled if the elders were not going to be present, considering the CO called a important meeting. These four cong, were advised to attend meeting in different halls.

  • hamptonite21
  • mann377

    lets hope this is catching on. It would please me greatly to see this happen in my area. What kind of spin did the WTBS put on the shakeup? I do believe that the internet will do more to get people out of the WTBS than anything that has come before.

  • hamptonite21

    I hope thats the case too!

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