Is there anyone close by???

by kelpie 30 Replies latest jw experiences

  • mouthy

    Welcome Kelpie !!! I am no where near you. I am in Canada ! the best country in the world(ducking)

    It is difficult at first be ousted from the Borg. But believe me girl -it is the best thing that can happen to you. LOTS of love here -& you dont have to believe everything we tell you. Your allowed to think for your self....... It isnt a sin to THINK INDEPENDANTLY!!!!!!!!! (((((HUG)))

  • Mulan

    Hey, Mouthy, have you ever heard the song from South Park, "Blame Canada". "It's not a real country, anyway."

    Welcome, kelpie. I live in the States............but you will connect with more Aussies.

  • og

    RevMalk, could you please add some flashing text, or bright pink underlining or something to your posts? Somehow they don't stand out enough.

  • RevMalk


    A knaves religion is always the rottenest thing about him." John Ruskin, 19th-century British critic and author

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  • mann377

    As close as Florida! We are only a mouse click away. e-mail me any time.

  • Double Edge
    Double Edge

    Hi Kelpie and WELCOME....

    I live in So. California and I'm not very far from you (via teleporter). I've never been a JW, I just hang with them...... but I'm thinking about joining so I can be DA'd and become 'legit' with this group . Keep coming back and joining in .... you'll become addictteddddddd and will forget you ever had a former life....{{{eyes glazed}}}}

  • troucul

    They say Canada is the 52nd state, right after the 51rst, England...hhhahahahahahahhahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • kelpie

    But Australia is by far the best Island in the World!!!


  • mouthy

    Maybe this is a wrong thread. but I am looking for any one near Erie PA.USA.....I have found a new EX looking for support in that area..i.f you know of any please e-mail me [email protected]

  • butalbee

    I live on the OTHER side of the planet. Not at all close by, except in the wonderful world of cyberspace.

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