Whats more tramatic Divorce or leave org?

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  • Goshawk


    For those of you who want to explore your limits and test your personal strength

    Try both at the same time.


  • caligirl

    I would have to say that though the leaving of the org was traumatic in it's own way, divorce was worse. Divorce is a personal rejection.Leaving the organization was something that was initiated by me, whereas the divorce was not a personal decision. But both events have brought great bessings to my life that I otherwise would not have had.I would not have my wonderful husband, were it not for both of those life-altering events, so I am eternally grateful that my ex left me, and that I had the personal courage to leave the organizaton in which I had spent my whole life.

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  • Lost Diamond
    Lost Diamond

    I would say divorce was the most difficult, especially when you love and trust the other with your whole soul. I was married for 11 years. He was my sweetheart from the time I was 16. We had 2 beautiful kids together. He was a monster in disguise, but I didn't know it then.

    Leaving the Org. after 26 yrs. has been easier.....I don't have to turn back, I just keep going. It was a damaging experience, but I have found it easier to take it for what it was and make the best of my life now.

    Divorce is never final when you have children involved.

  • Lost Diamond
    Lost Diamond


    Thats exactly what I did! It made me a stronger person.

  • MegaDude

    I did both at the same time. It was hard, very hard. I was quite sad about it for a long time. I loved the woman, and I loved my JW family that was still in, and I liked my inlaws and friends. Difficult to say goodbye to all of them at the same time. I wished I had handled it better than I did. But in retrospect I feel good about the divorce and leaving the cult. It was like a drunk giving up alcohol. It may not have been good for you, but you always knew what to expect from it and it was there. It was an ingrained habit that no longer served me well anymore. Definitely it was the strongest catalyst for personal growth I've ever experienced. And it made me a deeper, wiser, kinder, more loving son of a bitch.

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