My kid, ten years cancer free.

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    Make me a promise right here and now, when your daughter is 90 and you're, well slightly older than 90, we'll all celebrate her still being cancer free and going strong. The most horrid word in English or any language for that matter is leukemia, for me at least, and it warms my heart to know that this time it's being kicked in the ass.

    Big love in your direction


  • BeautifulGarbage


    Thank you so much for all the warm wishes, hugs, and kisses!

    My daughter, who is 11 now, read this thread. She was so touched! Even counting all the hugs and kisses. However, she wants me to note that she is a "preteen" now and is much more "mature" than in that picture from when she was a mere "child". Kids, ya gotta love em!

    Because she had only turned 1 when she was diagnosed, she doesn't remember any of the treatment. Though, we did videotape a few of the procedures and she sees the various pictures where she had lost her hair. She only remembers her very last surgery when her catheter was removed from her chest at four years old. The hospital (Valley Childrens Hospital, Fresno, Ca.) allows kids to take one toy into the operating room with them for comfort and security. I'm thinking my daughter would take a teddy bear or a little stuffed rabbit. Because of her illness, and the generousity of friends and relatives, she had TONS of stuffed animals. So, I figured she would be taking one of those into the operating room with her. Nope. She takes her bendable black Power Ranger action figure with her. It was her favorite show and she loved how they kicked butt out of the bad guys. I think it symbolic of how she kicked butt through that whole experience.

    Again, thank you!! Your responses warm our hearts.

    Andee and daughter

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    ***WTS. It's depraved and convoluted blood doctrine and the loss of life that was, and is, so unnecessary. The thoughts so swirled in my head that the energy of them could punch holes in concrete walls. ***

    Whew, aint it a fact.

    Your daughter is a little trooper, for a fact. Her favorite toy very appropriate.

    Thanks for sharing this with us, brightens the day.


  • BeautifulGarbage


    Thank you for your thoughts.


    Being gratefully serenaded by the sounds of daughter practicing the clarinet while writing this post.

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