Noachian Flood c.2370 BCE

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  • badboy

    Egypt;5 DYNASTY

    1ST LAGASH dynasty;2500-2350

    Y is there no break in the 5TH dynasty if a WORLD-WIDE Flood(tm) took place)?

  • JanH

    The Egyptians were extraordinary swimmers.

    - Jan

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  • Undecided

    Not in the Red Sea!

    Ken P.

  • RunningMan

    There are actually several ancient cultures that were thriving during the time when the flood supposedly took place. The Chinese culture pre-dates the flood by a long, long, time.

    Funny, because prior to the tower of Babel incident, there was only one language on the earth.

    Maybe the flood was "spiritual". Or perhaps the Bible is in need of a little new light.

  • SYN

    LMAO @ JAN!

    There was no break in the history because there was no FLOOD! *slaps forehead*

  • SPAZnik
    The Egyptians were extraordinary swimmers.


    thx fer that JanH...i really needed a laff!

  • ColdRedRain

    >There was no break in the history because there was no FLOOD! *slaps forehead*

    No, the people that made those estimates are wrong and are ungodly!

    That's another reason why I left. I simply couldn't fathom the idea of a real worldwide flood existing. Maybe it was an allegorical legend from a large, local flood.

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ

    Why is there no break in that time period? The flood never happened. There. Case solved.

  • RedhorseWoman

    Well, obviously history is wrong, and the archaeological evidence was altered by the Flood waters to make it appear that people were living then. After all, the Flood waters were able to arrange all of the dinosaur bones in deep layers to make it look as if there were various ancient "periods" when certain types of dinosaurs existed. However, all true Biblical scholars know that dinosaurs existed on the earth during the time of Noah, and two of each type of dinosaur were on the Ark with Noah.

    Those Flood waters are tricky....oh, yes, they are. They can skew all of these things, dig the Grand Canyon in a matter of days, and preserve plant life engulfed by its waters for over a year with no loss of vigor, so that these plants were flourishing the minute they saw the light of day again and were able to nourish all those dinosaurian survivors of the Flood as soon as they disembarked from the Ark.

  • Patriot

    I just saw a special on the Discovery channel 2 weeks or so ago about the flood and the Ark.

    The scientist analyzing all the evidence came to the conclusion that there was a flood but that it came from the red sea spilling over.

    They took mini-subs under the sea and disvovered that there were roads and evidence of towns and villages. They also found the place where the sea would have overflowed and why.

    The conclusion was that the writer of the passage in the bible knew only his area; he had not traveled the "world" so when he said there was a worldwide flood, to him that was true because his village WAS the world.

    It was a very interesting documentary..too bad I didnt take notes.


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