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  • kevin221

    I just wanted to express my thanks to all on this db for your support and bluntness when needed over the past year. Yesterday 10/8 was the 1 year anniversary of Jon's death and I spent it reflecting and just chilling out cause that's what I thought was best. One thing that came to mind was the help I recieved here and the words of sympathy and encouragement that many of you expressed after Jon passed and I just wanted to pass along my thanks again for your kindness. Without ever being a JW and only having Jon as a connection to that special little cult, I was warmly welcomed here and have been dealt with kindly and when needed also very bluntly. After that stupid drama queen stunt I pulled last spring with the whole sleeping pills crap it's a wonder any of you ever spoke to me again, but you did and I am most appreciative. It's nice to have a place to come to talk and exchange ideas and learn ALOT about the JW org with people who for the most part are kind and not too awfully eager to smack me around, verbally that is,lol. And yes I've started my fair share of "flames" most of which I regret. Again my many thanks to you all and know that your kindness and help thru the last year has been very much appreciated. With the help of some of you here I was able to share some info with one of Jons' sisters and she has since left the JW's, though I think she was on the verge of it anyway, but the extra facts helped to give her that little kick she needed to finally reclaim her life. So there's at least 1 person I know of personally that has regained her life due to the discusions on this board, and that is awesome. I applaud you all.

    Take care,

    (The adopted apostate)

  • blondie

    Thanks, kevin221, for dropping by and sharing this. It sounds like things are balancing out for you.

  • outnfree


    It's always so nice to hear from you!

    Anyone Jon saw fit to love is certainly welcome here and worth our having a shot at cyberloving! I am touched that we came to mind when you were contemplating life with and without JonJon.

    May you have peace, and happiness.



  • LB

    Hey Kevin, keep stopping by. Did you figure out what you'd do with that money?

  • kevin221


    Yeah I did and though it was slightly vindictive, it was funny as hell. I donated the money to the Aids foundation and Planned parenthood, in Jons' fathers name. They said they will send him a nice thank you letter once a month for a year and print a nice big thank for your support ad in the classifieds of his hometown newspaper. All that money to two groups the JW's can't stand!!!! Boy I'd love to see him try to explain that to his precious brothers. I can't take credit for the idea as it was suggested to me by Jons' sister and others but it was the best way to deal with donating the money and still getting some ha ha's as well. I know it was a little mean spirited, but the money went to good causes and he gets a little jab in the process so I figured, what the hell.

    Take care,

    ((((out)))) You're one class act in my book.

  • SixofNine

    Thanks for saying so Kevin. You're always welcome to hang out here.

    "adopted apostate", lol.

    Glad to see you "hanging in there". Also great to hear about Jon's sister. It is so nice when people leave the JW's feeling on solid ground spiritually. Or at least not worried that they might be doing the wrong thing.

    Six- who doesn't have a gay bone in his body, and intends to keep it that way

  • larc


    You live in Kettering. I live in Oakwood. E-mail me sometime.

  • kevin221


    I know I keep saying I will and then don't and I apologize.
    We should get together for coffee sometime. Do U know the Bob Evans at Dorothy and Valleywood in Kettering? I'm within blocks if that's convenient for you. Let me know and hope all is well with your household.


  • Cowboy

    Hey Kevin-great to see you around,You know you're always welcome here.


  • Prisca


    Jon was a wonderful guy, my only regret is that I never got to meet him in person.

    Hugs back at ya, Kevin!

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