Phallic Symbols

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  • Windchaser

    This morning as I was waiting for my ride into work, I was looking at the trees in my neighborhood. I don't know what kind of trees they are, but some look like steeples. I remembered how we were taught that church steeples were like phallic symbols pointing up into Jehovah's nose. Well, if this is the case, why would he make trees that do the same thing?

  • Realist


    Obscenity deleted.

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    oops sorry for this terrible profanity!

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  • yucca

    god would not. thats another lie told by elders. they have a lot to answer to god for. thanks for seeing the trees you are very observant. god bless yucca

  • butalbee

    I'm sorry I'm lost with one. What a crazy ass cult.

  • Sentinel

    The JW's never cease to amaze me in their comedy of errors.

  • butalbee
    Realist LOL

    Obscenity deleted.

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    There was no obscenity here?

  • gumby

    Butalbee...I'm sorry I'm lost with one.

    Phallic = sex organs.

    The WT....again dragging up a meaning used 1000's of years ago, continues to use this to prove religion as pagan.

    I wonder if the "Watchtower" symbol has a Pagan backround?

  • butalbee

    Left out a couple words there...let me edit: I'm sorry, I'm lost with this one.

  • gumby

    Hey Butalbee...I'm sorry, I'm lost with one.

    Sorry gal. I should have known you were familiar with the term. My eyes are going LOL

    The reason they don't use modern day.....phallics is......they are too damn small to see.

    Phallics as big as a steeple! There must have been some BIG women back then eh?

  • kenpodragon

    The Watchtower symbol is a phallic symbol too!!

    My thought


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