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  • jst2laws

    Here is the current list of former (some present) elders

    Why do this?

    For over a year I lurked as an elder on H2O and this board. For some time I feared I was the most evil appointed servant in the history of the organization for lurking here. Gradually I learned I was not alone.

    JW Elders reading this, you are not alone. Feel free to email me are anyone below who's email is open. You are not crazy nor are you evil for being here. God tells us to "make sure of all things, hold fast to what is fine." How can we possibly do this if we allow some else to tells us what information we can consider? If you do not want to "make sure of all things" then you probably do not want to be here. All of the men listed below 'made sure' and this is only the tip of the iceberg.

    NicknameEmailAddress Notes
    Alfie[email protected]
    Amazing[email protected]
    Athanasius10 yr
    Axelspeed12 yr
    belbab[email protected]10+ in 60s
    bigred25 yr
    BlueBlades[email protected]?
    D wiltshire14 yr Bethel 2
    dannyboy[email protected]24 yrs
    Dino15 yr
    DocBob[email protected]
    Footprintsfoot prints@sbcglobal8 yr
    FreePeace[email protected]7 yr
    Happy man19 yr
    Hillary stephillary [email protected]20 yr
    HoChiMin10 yr
    jack29 yr
    jjrizo[email protected]
    Jst2laws[email protected]29yr, Bethel 6
    JT[email protected]
    Lee Elder[email protected]10 yr
    LittleToe[email protected]
    Mackin[email protected]5 yr Bethel 5
    martinleyshon11 yrs
    Marvin Shilmer[email protected]
    Minimus20 yr
    new boy[email protected]
    Outaservice[email protected]30 yr
    proandcon7 yr
    Room 215Bethel
    Roybatty[email protected]
    silentlambs[email protected]18 yr Bethel 2
    Thirdson[email protected]2 1/2 yr
    Undecided[email protected]
    Wildturkey[email protected]10 yr

    Some of these I have added whom I believe to be former elders from previous conversations with them. I know there are more out there, I hope they check in. There are a couple more anonymous ones I cannot add to this list. Right now there is about 40 total.

    If you would like to add yourself to the list, even if you are currently serving, let me know by posting are by email. If you find incorrect information please let me know.


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  • onacruse

    LOL, thanks (?) jst2 for promoting me!

    I was a pioneer, Bethelite. MS and 40-yr JW, but the Holy Spirit never quite saw clear for me to be an elder.

    Too much independent thinking!

    Point well taken re: that there are so many on this board that have been so deeply involved for so many years. Newcomers will know that they are not alone.


    Doh! Got the name wrong...was distracted...on phone with somebody we all know

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  • jst2laws


    Thanks for the correction. You were one of those I added. I knew you had been a pioneer and perhaps at bethel the same time I was. Having been an elder may have been my assumption.

    As to the independent thinking, I was always in trouble for that, even at Bethel. Last few years I started to loose my patience and became more vocal. One CO told me he just could not trust me anymore, and took me off the assembly programs. He is one among many I wish I could thank.

    I appreciate the correction.


  • bikerchic

    onacruse pay attention!!!

    bc <<buttoning my blouse>>

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  • alfie

    Two things: I became a senior! Do I qualify for a pension? Also, I've updated my profile to allow accessibility to my email.



  • jack2

    If I receive any e-mails from elders I am not going to respond. I regret providing my name for this "list".

  • Beck_Melbourne

    Again, the elder's wives don't get a mention *sniff*


  • kenpodragon

    You can mention my wife "dragonlady" ...

    Only title I have now in the house is "hudband" and soon "dad"

    Take Care


  • JT

    If I receive any e-mails from elders I am not going to respond. I regret providing my name for this "list".


    interesting comment from a former elder

  • JT

    actually I'm glad that you provided this list- the way i see it , this maybe opportunity to combine some notes that we may still have dusk on from old co and do meetings that may "perhaps" prove to be usefull one day, just a thought

    well , personally I'm glad that you compiled this list and any elder who is still serving and struggling between what you are told and what you know to be the real deal feel free to email me

    I will respond- smile

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