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    Waiting - my sentiments as well. I can't figure out why SC would want to leave the organisation especially after Friend taking the time to expound so many fine rules to him. Most ungrateful SC!-SolidSender.

  • Pathofthorns

    IMO I don't think it was Friend's intent to encourage anyone to stay or to leave. I gathered he was saying if one had disagreements with "the Truth" that he make sure those disagreements were valid and solidly based in fact.

    Of course I could be wrong. Maybe he'll stop by and clarify things?


  • waiting

    "To make this brief, I wish to thank most of all Friend. By (most)of your statements not only on this board, but what I have read on other sites, I realize that Satan is alive and out to mislead many into thinking that a lie is the "TRUTH". I used to defend the organization in like manner. Thank God I can now see through the deception that a religion of any kind does not have a monopoly on "TRUTH", or what is required of God to be acceptable by him."

    This quote is from SC's original post on this discussion.

    If some would take the time to read not only this discussion, but any other that Friend participated in - here and at H20 - IMHO, Friend has "helped" several of us to look further into "apostate" material to find validity for our arguments against Friend.

    We may have had questions before Friend - but afterwards, we could prove at least to ourselves that there indeed was basis for apostate materials. And the basis could usually be found in the WTBTS's own writings. Some of us weren't looking that hard before Friend - some of the same brothers and sisters, due to Friend's relentless criticism, are looking hard at our religion now.

    We may have gotten there without Friend, but he surely hurried us along the path against the WTBTS. And it was unnecessary, in my opinion.

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  • Scorpion

    Waitng and others,

    You are all very insightful. Friend reminded me so much of what I was a few years ago. I would defend the WT Organization at all costs, even if it ment ignoring my family and twisting what I belived was truth to accomadate my programmed teachings by the society. The more I prayed to Jehovah for insight and truth the more was revealed to me that I was being decieved by men. The more I turned to the elders and the organization for answers, more questions came to mind as far as the validity of what I was learning and being taught by the WTBTS.

    I am so glad I made the dicission to leave. My family and I are adjusting very well. I promised you an update on what has been happening after I disassociated myself. I will try to make time later this week to give you the details. What is really upsetting is the way my children and wife have been treated. Now that I am out of the forest, I can see that there are many weeds in the congregations of Jehovah's Witnesses. I know that many Jehovah's Witnesses that still cling to the society will look at me as a weed and figure that the congregation I left is better off without me and my family. I hold no animosity towards them. They will be in my prayers as they always have.

    Thank you all for your kind words.

  • Scorpion


    Sorry I spelled your handle wrong in the first post. I should have checked it before posted.

  • Seven

    Dear SC, It sounds like your wife could use some encouragement also-give her our best. There is much support to be found on the net-I hope you both are taking advantage of it. It was nice to see you again-be happy.


  • Roamingfeline

    SC, glad to see you are adjusting well. Please give our best to your wife and we hope she, too, will join us someday and make new friends to fill the void that losing old friends leaves. I look forward to hearing how you're doing.

    Best Wishes,

  • waiting

    Hey, SC,

    Glad to see you catching your breath a little. Busy month, huh?

    This is my own opinion - and I stand by it.

    Any man who pioneers, with a wife who is not a witness, helps take care of 3 kids, wife with back problems, 2 turtles (with names), then decides to spend more time with his wife, kids, and turtles, (and most important - actually pays to have someone else give his wife a massage and takes care of the kids while this is happening) is One Heck Of A Man.

    And I would bet that all the women reading this post now, are clapping on the keyboards. (Men are just jealous of a well adjusted man.)

    Hope to hear from you soon - we miss your posts.


  • Carmel

    Now I understand! I gotta get a turtle!!


  • waiting

    Well, for pete's sake, it took you long enough!!!

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