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  • RedhorseWoman


    I know that this must have been a difficult decision for you, but after reading your posts, I know that you gave it much thought and that you honestly feel you have taken the right steps.

    Just remember, you have left an organization....you have not left God, nor has He left you.

  • SolidSender

    SC - my prayers and thoughts are with you. A very moving post. If you need someone to mail or phone or talk to, to help you through - whatever, let me know i'll send my details. Of course you'll be very disillusioned, disappointed and depressed about this maybe for a while. That's only natural, those things are evidence of an unbearable conflict within ones psyche. You're on the road to freedom. Continue in prayer and bible reading. God IS with you. “For my yoke is kindly and my load is light.” Matthew 11:30.

  • Ozzygal

    Congratulations SC, on making a very brave decision. I have also been thinking deeply about this decision lately, and have pretty much decided that leaving is my best option. There are so many inconsistencies in the "spiritual food" provided by the FDS and I cannot make myself believe that this is God's organisation any more.

    I am pleased that your wife and children will be there for you. This is a very lonely decision without the support of someone in your life. Take the good from your past 7 yrs and use it to make positive changes in your life. Be happy and enjoy your life, and be the best person you can be for those in your life. That's what I plan to do.

    Good luck SC! You are a good person and deserve the best that life can give.


  • Scorpion


    You are all very fine people. My wife cannot believe that there are open minded and careing JWs like yourselves.

    I will tell you more later about what has happened since I disassociated myself. My wife is being shunned also and she was not even a baptized Jehovah's Witness.

  • SolidSender

    SC - and you're surprised? You'll probably get a shepherding call soon. What easier way for an elder to notch up a couple of hours and enjoy a power trip at the same time on a Saturday afternoon.-SolidSender

  • mgm

    Dear SC
    what a fast move. Just a few weeks ago you asked for our advise about pioneering or job.
    Now, you're out already...
    Must be a shock for your congregation.
    In only one week, I've heart from 3 brothers which disassociated themself (in my area).
    In my case, my family is holding me back from that step. My parents, brothers and even neighbors are witnesses. So for right now, I'm a so called "neutral witness".
    Wish you a free future....

  • Seven

    Dear SC-I was relieved to find a post from you this morning. We will always be here for you and your family, and remember Jehovah God still loves you all. That will never change.

    Be happy,

  • RayfordSteele

    Wow... from all your stories I'm so glad that I never was nor never will be a JW. God bless you in your search. Just be a Christian. Anything beyond that is unnecessary.


  • Carmel


    I commend anyone who takes a stand and faces the music, whether it be going back to Mama, or cutting the apron strings and stiking out on his/her own.

    May your life be rewarding and remember the rear view mirror is not a good guide to drive by...


  • waiting

    Hey SC and All,

    I've visited a little on Witnet Discussion group and this topic has been discussed somewhat. (Controversial Subjects)

    The consensus, if I understand it correctly, is that a poor, overworked, Pioneer brother came to this forum and the rest of us did not encourage him.

    And due to his looking around on the net, he found a lot of apostate material - and then he wrote a letter of disassociation about 2 weeks later. I forget the word they used for the rest of us when we posted back to him our feelings about the matter. Either "zombies," "robots," was the word used for the rest of us, to the best of my memory. It was not a compliment, that much I do remember.

    For some reason, the brothers and sisters over at Witnet don't recall Friend's major contributionto SC - even SC thanked him for all his scathing comments. Friend posts on Witnet - are they referring to him as a zombie/robot also?

    Out of the persons who posted to SC, no one, to my knowledge, did anything but encourage SC to spend more time with his family and do what he wanted. In my opinion, Friend just hurried several of us along away from the Society.

    Good going, Brother Friend.

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