JW Code and Silent Lambs

by Goodboy 44 Replies latest watchtower child-abuse

  • Simon

    I'm an RXU

    I think the different groups do approach things differently and have different hangups. I'd have loved the chance to never have been a JW ... but I'll never get it.

    I can understand how people get sucked into it though.

  • Vivamus

    Can't believe I only now read this threat!...

    Vivamus is an FXN (Found, X-JW, Not Sure) --Viv, correct me if I'm wrong.

    Yep, you're wrong. According to your code I am a FXU. Funny, that distinction between being a R or a F. When still in dubdom, as a F one would be a bit out of the cong. A F lacked the benefit of socializing with all the fellow dubs from birth on, and therefore where a bit isolated. And a bit pitied as well, cause only god knows what privilege it is to have been raised in the troof.... As an ex-dub, you're still on a separate level as the R's, or so it seems at least. The R's have the position of having been victims without fault. The F's have the honor of having themselves to blame - for a large part at least. *I am a F, so don't flame me for saying that, all my fellow F's * Ah well, I was young and ignorant, made some mistakes, but it's never to late to rectify them. And about Bill and Ray. As ex-witnesses, most of us try to get to terms with the past. We all have our battles to fight, and we have this greater common goal. Each victory however small, is a victory none the less, and should not be compared with the accomplishments of another of our fellow fighters. Bill and Ray both, have accomplished great things, it is foolish to try and determine who is the greater, for they both have won the battle [even tho the war still is not over]. Yah us, Boo them. [stole that one from Francois] Great post Goodboy.

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  • RandomTask

    So I believe in a "higher power" but I don't believe that the bible comes from it or that it really cares. Would that make me a N? In that case I'm a RXN.

  • Tinkerbell4125
  • Vivamus

    Random, no, I do believe you would be a U, cause you don't believe god cares.. If I read Goodboy's post correct.....

    ((Tink)), glad to see you.

  • RandomTask

    Ok fine I see what you are trying to Viv, add to the ranks of the RXU's!

    Ok, count me in!

    RandomTask - RXU

  • shera

    FXB here

  • Vivamus

    Drat, all the cool people are in the RXU class. I wanne be one too! Too bad I can't get rid of that damn F.

    Viv, of the FXU class.

  • RandomTask

    Oh right, you are an F

    ~~~ SHUN ~~~

    Just kidding!

  • Vivamus

    *sits still in silent shock for a couple of minutes*

    oh okay, if that's how it has to be, I'll shun you right back!!!!

    *realizes Random was just kidding*

    *off into a fit of hysterical sobbing due to relief*

    - just kidding

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