The Famous Five

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  • DJ

    You all can thank the infamous thread searching poster named, Undisfellowshipped for this!

    Hmmmm....T.J. D.S. F.F. E.C. L.G.

    Make sure that you read the whole thing. and take note of the date of this thread.

    God have mercy. So horrible.

  • DJ

    By the way, I forgot to mention that I believe atleast 2 or more are deceased. I'm not sure why they are included in a call for a JC.???? Can the living members be held accountable for hiding the actions of dead men? Any clues here? I hope that this is the end of the perverted GB list. Sickening.

  • Satanus

    Even though some are dead, i think it would be very useful if they were also exposed, especially fred franz. Governments have at times had trials in absentia. Basically their reputations would be destroyed. That would be good.


  • Max Divergent
    Max Divergent

    I think the issue is concealment of allegations from the police and child welfare agencies rather than the abuse itself. So these are allegations about the actions of the living non-abusers who maintained a cosy environment for molesters on the GB and amongst the JW's worldwide who live under the effective judicial direction of the GB and, seemingly, often their shield from the criminal system too.

    For Bill's allegation to be true, all there has to be are ALLEGATIONS against these five guys that weren't turned over to the authorities to investigate if they were required to by law (as you are if you have knowledge a serious crime has been committed).

    Presumably this database of 26,000-ish reports has records of these allegations in it?

    Cheers, Max

  • plmkrzy


    April 25 th 2001

    1. Ted Jaracz
    2. Daniel Sydlik
    3. Fred Franz
    4. Ewart Chitty
    5. Leo Greenlees

    These men all have something in common, can you guess what it is?

    the most obvious answer would be, they served on the governing body. unfortunately that is not the answer i am looking for, as far as the real answer is concerned, all i can say is that everyone will know in the not to distant future. are you listening wt??

    So are these the 5 members who have molested children?

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  • kenpodragon

    Okay, to me I found this whole concept of accusing people that were dead, disturbing. I think ...

    concealment of allegations from the police and child welfare agencies rather than the abuse itself

    ... will fall on deaf ears as people who read this will see it as a sick attack from an apostate. Sorry to be so bold, but face it. This is what they will think. I have to ask though, how is this letter sent by Bill going to help change laws in states that do not require religion to report child abuse. This whole letter sounded like a personal attack. I would also like to add that the reference to those on file, is not a positive thought. If you do a little research into history, you will see an example of this type of reference in something very negative.

    Also, do we help abuse victims by feeding their hate or by helping them to rebuild a better life in a more positive type of thinking. (Just wondering)

    My thought


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  • UnDisfellowshipped

    It's not about hate, it's about justice and truth.

  • Max Divergent
    Max Divergent

    Yeah, it's a dangerous (and perhaps ill-advised) strategy. At least BB's letter didn't name the dead. Being generous, maybe it goes to establishing a long pattern of behaviour by the corporation? As I said elsewhere, I hope this is a shrewd strategy concealed in a wrap of naivety. Anyway, it's done now.

    I'm pretty sure that concealment of knowledge that someone committed any serious crime after the fact is I think a crime itself in most/all jurisdictions - be than murder, rape, molestation, robbery or whatever. That might happen by hearing a confession by the perpetrator.

    Jurisdictions and terminologies vary, but the general Western legal principle I think is that if you conceal a crime after you find out what happened, you become guilty of a form of conspiracy in that crime. '50 Years a Watchtower Molestation Conspirator'

    Cheers, Max

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  • kenpodragon

    Is attacking the Watchtower really helping the abuse victims? I still honestly feel from my own personal experiences in this matter that justice lies in the changing of the laws. Truth lies in realizing that there are many more victims out there at the hand of religion that need help too.

    I offer a challenge

    Someone find out what states do not have laws to protect the children. States that do not require religious organizations to report abuse.

    Then, lets direct our energies to starting the process rolling to get that changed.

    Who will accept my challenge?

    If you do, you will be taking a step towards helping the "worlds" children. I stopped looking at people as groups, when my eyes opened to the love the Witnesses concealed.

    My thought


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  • UnDisfellowshipped


    That is a GREAT IDEA!!!!!

    I will post a list of those States very soon.

    Also, NO STATE should have a "Statue of Limitations" on Child ANY Rapes either!

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