More bad press for the JW religion.

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  • dmouse

    My daughter has just picked up her latest copy of the magazine for teenage girls 'SUGAR' said to be Britian's best selling magazine for girls of that age. (Nov 2002 issue)

    She came and showed me an article in it, a two page spread, headlined 'I Put My Sex Abuse Dad in Prison', the true story of a girl called Alison who suffered years of sexxual abuse from her Dad 'cus nobody believed her.

    Yes, you guessed it! The article is about a Jehovah's Witness! There is a picture of the girl and what she felt about the abuse, it does not paint the JWs in a very flattering light even though they are not blamed directly. Whatever, it is another item of bad publicity weighing heavily on the beleaguered dubs. Hopefully many teenage girls will read it and think twice before ever joining this cult. Of course, the JWs reaction is 'all lies'.

    Unfortunately the article is not available online but the magazine can still be purchased at newsagents. I will try and scan it if I get the time.

  • ignored_one

    Is this the same Alison as featured in Panorama?

    Ignored One.

  • dmouse

    I don't know ignored_one, there's a disclaimer on it which says that names have been changed to protect identities.

    Anyway, here are the scans of the pages:

  • frogit

    Is she the same Alison? Looks like her........


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  • Dia

    Will we get to read the copy?

  • abbagail

    THANKS dmouse for bringing this to our attention and for scanning the article! Fantastic! And what a superb way to reach young ladies, by having an article in a TEEN magazine!

    Yes, most definitely I would say that is the SAME Alison. She posted a greeting and her email addy within the past few months at the Silentlambs Guestbook. I saved it if anyone wants to write her and send encouragement and/or thanks for her coming forward and speaking out to help other young ladies who may find themselves in the same position. (I will only give it out if I know you from this forum, and know you will only send NICE words to Alison. The trolls and the creeps, NOT!)

    Short of having to re-type the entire article, is there a way to make the scanned article's text readable, as Dia asked?

    Thanks again!

  • dmouse

    Unfortunately my daughter has gone to visit a friend for the day and taken the magazine with her.

    I'll try and get better scans up by tomorrow morning.

    Cheers, dmouse.

    "Take heed that ye despise not one of these little ones; for I say unto you,
    that in heaven their angels do always behold the face of my Father which is
    in heaven."
    Matt 18:10

  • dmouse

    Hopefully these scans will be readable:

  • abbagail

    Hi Dmouse: Thanks so much for redoing the scan. Yes, it is very readable. What a sickening story, and what girls are subjected to by these pathetic men who obviously have no control over themselves. And her Mom not believing her -- has to be the worst pain of all. I am glad to see Alison looking so well and is moving forward. This is so wonderful they put her story in a teen magazine.

    D, if possible, could you check the magazine to see if there is an address or email address where we could write a thank you to the magazine editor and/or to whoever wrote the actual article?

    Many thanks again.

  • dmouse

    email address of 'Sugar' magazine:

    [email protected]

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